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Fave Five Friday | Sofas & Selfies

It's Friday!

And it's July!

We made it through another way too hot week, but thankfully got a break from the extreme temps and got to spend some fun time outdoors :) Can you believe June is already over?!

Here are some of this week's highlights:

5.) Lucy is really into the Snapchat filters lately. She loves to take my phone and ask for the puppy filter. I snagged some cute selfies with both babes over the weekend and they just make me so happy!

My Snapchat username is still @faithfashblog. Feel free to follow me; I'll be changing it to @likehoneyblog this weekend!
4.) We finally got new living room furniture! We had been using a raggedy couch and love
seat that was given to us from a friend when we first got married. It was a huge blessing to us, that free couch, but it was a heavy microfiber beast that had a million stains and scratches and was really just on its last run. These new mint beauties are so comfy and I am soo happy to have a pretty, unique set! The ottoman is amazing, too!

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3.) Have any of y'all tried Pepsi's new 1893 cola? It's been out for a while and I tried it recently and fell in love! I really hope they keep it around, but I'm afraid they probably won't. Time to stock up, I guess!

2.) Now that we live inside city limits, we can finally get reception on our little TV antenna! It's the little things in life, right? I'm super excited to catch The Bachelorette and Big Brother now, as well as a new show we started called American Gothic. So far I'm really intrigued! Anyone else watching it?

1.) Since we were moving houses on Father's Day weekend and pretty much failed to celebrate with Preston, Lucy and I made him his favorite Chocolate Pecan Pie, complete with a handscribbled card. I usually go overboard on special occasions, so I felt awful that we hadn't celebrated what a wonderful daddy Preston is!

This weekend is Fourth of July weekend, so Happy Independence Day y'all! I hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday spent with good food and close friends and family. I can't wait to see what Lucy thinks of the fireworks this year! Happy Friday!

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