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Fave Five Friday | Target Deals and Happy Mail

I'd like to say TGIF, but I've been sick all week so it doesn't really make a difference what day of the week it is, haha. It started out as a slight headache and a tiny scratch in my throat and now it's a full blown cold :(

Thankfully I don't have any big plans this weekend, so I can hopefully rest up and get on the mend!

Here's what my slow week looked like:

5.) My sweet hubby braved the rain and got me groceries on Tuesday, plus he surprised me with flowers! It definitely brightened my week and made me feel a little better :)

4.) One of my favorite things to read is What's in my bag/diaper bag posts! I shared what I carry on the daily for two kids under 2 on the blog this week and I hope it gives y'all some inspiration!

3.) Have you seen Target's new Cat & Jack line? It is SO cute and totally affordable! The baby and toddler section isn't supposed to come out until August 7, but apparently my local store didn't get the memo because I keep finding baby and toddler pieces leaking out a little at a time. I scored this cute sweatshirt dress from the line for Lucy for only $6.99! I also grabbed a pair of jeggings on clearance for $1.80!

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2.) It's been a happy mail week! This beautiful blush clutch I ordered from Red Dress Boutique is the perfect accessory for this fall. It came with straps so I can easily carry it on my shoulder in a pinch. I also got some other cute accessories in the mail that I can't wait to show you--coming soon to the blog!h

1.) Last thing this week was this sweet reminder I saw on Facebook. I have been feeling lukewarm in my relationship with Christ for the last few weeks and this quote was such a deep reminder for me to MAKE the time for God. I get my hands and heart so full of life with my babies and my husband and the blog that sometimes I just need to step back, breathe, and thank God for all the blessings in my life.

Well that was my week!

What is your weekend looking like? Mine is looking like lots of OJ and Kleenex but hopefully I'll start next week refreshed!

Happy Friday!

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