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Fave Five Friday | Cookies + Kiddie Pools

Happy Friday!

It's been a fairly uneventful week over here. We've been soaking up the last few super hot days of summer in hopes of cooler temps and a chance to actually enjoy going outside. Here are some of the week's highlights:

5.) Yesterday was National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day, so Lucy helped me bake up my all-time favorite recipe. A blog post will be up next week, so stay tuned for that!

(see these outfit details here)

4.) How do y'all feel about the new Instagram/Snapchat situation? I personally like Snapchat and will likely be sticking to it. While I like the idea of everything being on one platform, I really prefer to keep Snapchat as my kind of sneak peek at real life while Instagram stays pretty and styled. Also, I like that Snapchat allows me to see who is viewing/screenshotting my snaps and I don't believe Insta does the same. Most of my snaps are of my kiddos, so privacy is important! (p.s. my Snapchat name is @likehoneyblog!)

3.) I can't believe it's already August...June and July flew by so quickly with a new baby, moving and my brother's wedding, so it doesn't feel like August should be here yet! I shared a few of the things I'm up to this month in a new Currently post. Check it out!

2.) I can safely say I am GLAD it's Friday...it's been finals week for Preston's summer semester of school and let me tell you, cramming doesn't even come close to explaining it. My poor husband has been working full time while going to school full time for the last year and the summer semesters are the worst. They cram a full semester into like 4 weeks. I've basically been single momming it since Monday so he could study and write papers and I am SO glad that's about to be over, even though it's just for a week.

1.) This girl has been loving her new swimming pool! Daddy picked it up for her on a whim a while back and we get in it so often we don't even bother to get a swimsuit wet anymore.

What does your weekend look like? I think we're going to relax at home with Daddy and maybe celebrate him being done with school for the week!

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