Fave Five Friday | Paul McCartney & Presents - Like Honey

Fave Five Friday | Paul McCartney & Presents

It's Friday! Time for another round of fave fives!

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5.) Things were a little quiet on the blog this week. I chose to set aside blogging to spend time with my husband on his one week off from summer classes before fall semester starts back up. We also celebrated our 3rd anniversary yesterday!

4.) Preston had to work on our anniversary, but he definitely made up for it. First he sent flowers to the house with the lyrics to "All You Need is Love" by the Beatles written on the card. I had no idea it was a hint at what was to come...he then surprised me with tickets (and secured a babysitter) to see Paul McCartney at Busch Stadium tomorrow night! I can't believe this guy. We saw Paul in concert in 2012 thinking it had to be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and then this Beatles anniversary came around and he is back! I can't believe I will be there to witness it once again!

3.) Parker had a rough couple of days in the middle of the week that meant a loss of sleep for everyone. I think it was his tummy and a bit of a growth spurt rolled into one. He is a happy fella now, though!

2.) Did you see this week's only blog post? It was my most famous recipe-- Chocolate Chip Cookies! I shared some tips, tricks, and secrets to making them absolutely perfect and chewy!

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1.) I'm so blessed to have a handy hubby! He has been working on our car every night this week and it is finally back up and running (though still not fully fixed). I know he saved us a ton of money not having to take it into a shop.

This weekend is going to be a blast! I hope yours is amazing too!

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  1. Happy Anniversary! Have a blast at the concert!

  2. Your kiddos are too cute! Happy Anniversary - love the sweet and romantic way you were able to celebrate!

    Whitney @ Come Home For Comfort

  3. Your cookie post makes me want to bake (that doesn't happen often)! I know you had such a great time last night. That was so sweet of Preston!



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