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Fave Five Friday | Taking Time

Hey Friday!

I have a million things to do and barely enough time to do it before we leave for our trip to Kentucky next week. Preston's been gone late hours most of the week and we haven't seen much of him, so today I'm taking a mini blog break to spend the day with my hubby before he goes off to work the late shift.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!


Fall Bucket List | 2016

Happy Monday, friends!

I'm finally getting around to sharing my fall bucket list! I'm sure there are plenty more things I could have added, but these were the main things I know I want to enjoy this season.

I have already crossed a few of these off! Our apple picking adventure was on the blog a while back and I shared a picture of my homemade fall wreath here. I may not get all of the things on this list crossed off, but I hope to do a good majority of them! Lucy is finally reaching an age where she actually enjoys outings and experiences, so I love to live up the holidays as much as possible with her!

What are some things on your bucket list for fall?


Fave Five Friday | Being Productive

It's Friday!

Time for this week's highlights, and I have a few good ones!

5.) I finished my new front door wreath! I've been wanting to make one for 3 years now. Seriously, why did it take me so long? Oh well! The best part is the floral arrangement is removable, meaning I can reuse the wreath form and monogram for every season with a new seasonal arrangement! Oh, and the whole thing only cost me $20!

4.) I successfully sanded, primed, and painted Lucy's midcentury dresser the other day! It took me less than 24 hours and turned out so nice. I can't recommend foam rollers enough if you're painting furniture. The paint color is Bay Coral from Glidden. I think it's going to go really well with Lucy's new flamingo sheets! She seems to like them already ;)

3.) It was a happy mail week! Lucy's flamingo sheets came in the mail, as well as my most recent Perfectly Posh order and the Popsugar Must Have box! This hat from Jack & Lucy is giving me all the fall vibes! You can get your own Popsugar MH box for $5 off with code MUSTHAVE5

2.) Parker is 5 months old today and, not quite a week ago, I decided to stop breastfeeding him. We had been struggling with him for 4 months. He was never happy for very long, didn't want to play, refused to sleep and was generally fussy in most ways. It finally came to me that he seemed like he was just never full, and so in a last ditch effort to actually get a full night's sleep (or even half!), I gave him a bottle of formula.

You guys, he is like a whole new baby! He sleeps through the night, falls asleep on his own, is almost always happy and playful, and literally only cries when he is hungry. WHY didn't I switch sooner?!

I wish I could have continued to breastfeed him, even though I have never enjoyed that experience, I do wish I could have been enough for him. However, I do not feel guilty for doing what I have to to keep everyone happy and sane! How can you pour from an empty cup? (And no, I'm not talking about my boobs!) It's high-time we started taking care of ourselves at least as much as we take care of our babies, and if formula is what saves us from completely losing our minds, I'll gladly make the switch!

1.) This week was mostly good, but I got some sad personal news that has my heart feeling very broken this weekend. I know that God has greater plans than we could ever know, but it's not always easy to remind oneself to trust in them. I am thankful for a God whose mercies are new every day and on whom I can lean and let go of my sadness.

On that note, I hope you all have blessed weekends! Count it all joy, friends.

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Winner, Winner Pinterest Dinner | Top 10 Pinterest Recipes That Worked!

I think I will be that adult who orders off the kid's menu her entire life. I am the pickiest eater and always have been. It would be easier for me to come up with a list of foods I do like than to give you a list of ones I don't. I used to have the worst anxiety about it, and still sometimes do. 

Invited to a barbecue? Oh no...

Going to a fancy restaurant? I don't know, let me check out their menu online first to see if they at least have burgers and fries.

Because of my picky eating habits, I would be perfectly happy eating the same couple of foods every week. But being married and having kids means feeding more than just myself, so I've had to venture out of my comfort zone and try new recipes to shake up the monthly meal plan.

Here are 10 of my top Pinterest-found recipes that have been made more than once and are usually on our monthly rotation--picky-eater approved!

1. Crispy Cheddar Chicken | I call this Ritz Chicken and I usually serve it over white rice (cooked in broth to add flavor). It is so yummy and I even got my mom hooked on it! It's fairly simple to make, but does take a little work.

2. Chicken Enchiladas | Ok. So let me clarify. This recipe is waay modified at my house. I basically take every Mexican aspect out of the recipe and end up with chicken and cheese in a tortilla smothered in sauce. However, my husband likes just about anything so his tortillas contain some diced tomatoes & chiles. It's all about compromise, friends.

3. Slow Cooker Swiss Chicken | I call this one Chicken & Stuffing, because it's basically the same recipe my mom always made only with cheese and in the crockpot...both winners in my book! P.S. I don't always use Swiss cheese and it's still good.

4. Easy Pull Apart Pizza Bread | Nothing easier than throwing everything in a pan and dipping it in marinara sauce! Yum!

5. Chicken Fettuccine Bake | This is one of my go-to recipes for having people over. It's super easy to double, too so I like to use it as a freezer meal or to take to new moms, etc.

6. Crockpot Breakfast Casserole | My favorite thing to take to MOPS meetings! I also love it for Easter or Christmas morning because it can cook overnight in the crockpot. Score!

7. Baked Ravioli | Few ingredients, little work, and super cheap. This is a great weeknight meal for busy families and works wonderfully on a budget! Vegetarian friendly, too!

8. 3-Ingredient Pulled Pork | The name speaks for itself here, folks. I add some seasoning too because I eat mine without BBQ sauce and Preston adds sauce to his own in a separate bowl. Thank God he is so patient with me.

9. Parmesan Chicken Fingers | Chicken fingers, pork chops, tilapia...this Parmesan breading recipe is my go-to for everything now! The garlic cheese sauce they share in this same post is really good, too.

10. Creamy Shrimp & Mushroom Alfredo | One of my favorites because I love mushrooms and shrimp. I've subbed spinach for broccoli and chicken for shrimp and it always turns out great.

Have you had any luck with Pinterest recipes? Share your favorites in the comments and follow me on Pinterest below so we can swap recipes!

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5 Tips for Shopping With a Toddler and a Baby (2 Under 2)

One of my biggest fears when I found out I would be having two kids under the age of two was getting out of the house on my own. Trips already took twice as long when I had to drag Lucy in and out of the car. Would I ever leave the house again when I had 2 babies?!

It took some time and lots of trial and error, but I am finally stepping out of my comfort zone (AKA the house) and have a few tried and true tips to share for all you busy mamas who are terrified or struggling with shopping trips with a toddler and a baby:

Try not to browse the shoe aisle until after you've gotten your necessities. It's harder than it looks, I know, but you'll thank me when you're able to race to the checkout with everything you need when your kid starts having a meltdown.

Plan Ahead
| Y'all, it seems obvious, but I can't stress enough how much smoother our shopping trips go when I have a game plan in hand. Those spontaneous trips to the grocery store always end in disaster, so planning ahead is a life saver for me. I generally get all of my groceries at Aldi, but there are several items I get at Walmart and Target (diapers, wipes, name-brand foods, etc). I try my best to hit the stores in order of farthest to closest to home so I'm not running all over town. I also keep my grocery list at the ready, which leads me to tip #2:

Keep a list on your phone, and keep that phone handy! I love this nifty little Velcro pouch because yoga pants don't have pockets.

Write a Grocery List | Another simple, but pertinent tip is keeping a grocery list on hand. You can read more about how I meal plan HERE, but to keep things short: write a detailed but clean-written list before you go. I prefer paper and physically crossing things out, but I've used the notepad on my phone in a pinch. If you can, write the list out in order of which items come first in the store. I find this helps me not have to backtrack and take twice as long in one location and helps me to not forget things. Speaking of forgetting things, for heaven's sake--don't forget that list!

Happy baby, happy shopping!
Keep Baby Happy | However you choose to do this, it will make your trip so much easier to not have a baby crying in your ear while you're searching for the Cheerios. Baby wearing is nice, but sometimes we just get too sweaty and the little guy just wants to look around. That is why I am so thankful for my Binxy Baby hammock! It is Ahh-mazing! Parker lasted twice as long in the store when he was cruising in this thing and it was so easy to install! Just strap the Velcro around the sides of the cart and snap the plastic edge over top. Strap baby in and hand him a toy, or plop your whole infant car seat in there with the handy car seat strap! It can support up to 50 lbs in weight! I love that this keeps baby happy (safely!) AND leaves room for my groceries underneath!!! It's so much nicer than letting Lucy crush the bread in the child seat.

Uh-oh! See how that gray plastic bar has come up off of the side of the cart? The Velcro strap is strong enough to keep everything in place when accidents happen. Pro-tip: keep the hammock on the part of the shopping cart that is most narrow. The bar popped off the side on us because it was stretched a little too far. We fixed it as soon as we noticed, but of course that was after I took all of these pictures. Oops! Thankfully it fits most standard sized shopping carts :)

Want to order your own shopping cart hammock? Follow this link for a sweet discount! Binxy has been featured in Parent's magazine, BuzzFeed, BabyCenter and more, and has been thoroughly safety tested, so it is worth every penny!

Apparently her brother is entertaining enough. Whatever works!
Bring Entertainment | For some of us that's snacks, toys, the iPad or a game on your phone, or maybe even all of the above! Just don't feel bad if you have to break out the fruit snacks in the middle of Walmart. Do what you have to to keep your sanity, mama! I try to bring snacks and toys from home to save on costs and as not to spoil my daughter into thinking every trip to the store is a new toy!

Relax! | Lastly, just don't worry so much! I'm a big planner/organizer, so this one took a lot of work and I am still learning to give myself grace in this department. I promise, it is totally okay if your toddler has a melt down because you bought the generic froot loops. It's okay if you can't find the organic bananas and had to go with a regular bunch. It's okay if you barely made it out the door and didn't shower or put on makeup. We are all moms and I know we have all been there at least once! Don't stress about the little stuff, and (try to) learn to be a little more carefree. It's not easy, but it makes a big difference!

I hope this was helpful and inspiring to you mamas who dread going out as much as I did! Sometimes, I still send my hubby out for milk to save time, but after reaching out of my comfort zone and finding fun products like the Binxy hammock, I can honestly say I like don't mind shopping with two kids!

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Fave Five Friday | Return of the Sniffles

Normally I'd be all, "woo-hoo, it's Friday!" but we've all been suffering from congestion and oncoming head colds for three days, so I just don't have the energy or enthusiasm this week. Meh.

But even the worst weeks have their highlights, so I'll try to find the silver lining(s) and share them with you!

5.) I may feel under the weather, but the actual weather has been pretty nice! Unfortunately, it's reached that point where it's crisp, fall temps in the morning and evening but still blazing summer at midday. So I'm still pining for my blanket scarf, but I'm able to (mostly) comfortably wear jeans all day, and that's a start. I love this look from last year, with a teeny little Parker-bump!

4.) I held a giveaway for a $25 gift card to Eckert's this week on Instagram and I'm so happy my friend Paige won! She has the cutest baby girl that I just know will love the farm. Speaking of Eckert's, our full apple-picking recap is finally up on the blog! Check out the full post here!

3.) Anyone else dreaming of Christmas? Just me? Ok. At least I'm like halfway done with all of my holiday shopping now! I shared a great way to save lots on neat gifts with Groupon yesterday!

2.) Do you ever hunker down and just drop all your cares at God's feet? All those hard, difficult decisions and the fear and anxiety of the unknown that weighs you down? Seriously, pray and give it to God tonight. You'll wake up 50 lbs lighter and have much more peace.

1.) Now for a glimpse at what my week really looked like....PJs all day, lots of Netflix, and lots of procrastination. Oh well. I love these babies and I love how much they love each other. ♥

Here's to cooler temps and less sickliness! Happy weekend!

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Apple Picking Fun at Eckert's + a Giveaway!

*I was compensated by Eckert's in exchange for a review of my experience on their farm. All opinions are my own.*

Hi friends!

Here in the St Louis area we have a big farm + market called Eckert's. There are actually 3 separate locations where you can shop, dine, have fun, and pick-your-own produce! So of course when they invited us out to enjoy their first weekend of apple picking, we said, "heck yes"!

First off, let me tell you...if you're going with multiple young children, bring your spouse or at least a friend! Whew! I didn't realize there would be so much to see and do, and of course Preston had to work. We made it work though, and it was still worth the struggle!

First things first--the apple picking. Lucy mostly enjoyed taking bites out of every apple we picked. We took a fun, quick wagon ride out to the orchard where we were able to pick from many different varieties of apples. We ended up taking mostly Jonathan apples. They were sweet and yummy, and we loved having a snack fresh off of the branch!

After we assessed our harvest, we headed to do a few attractions until it was time for lunch. I don't think y'all understand how much Lucy loved that pony ride. She was screeching, "NEIGH!" the whole time we waited in line, and then threw a huge fit when she had to leave. It was so sad! Strangely, she's a natural in the saddle! Looks like we are going to have to get her a pony for Christmas ;)

After our bittersweet pony ride, we walked around a little and decided on a fun train to ride! Lucy sat with her new friend, Hattie and even though everyone was exhausted and way too hot they seemed to have a good time.

Time for lunch! Lucy had mac n' cheese and applesauce (of course!) and I opted for a small platter of chicken tenders and fries--served in a little cast iron skillet, no less!--since the heat stole most of my appetite. It was definitely delicious and I may have to go back for more of that sweet tea alone!

Once our plates were cleared it was time for dessert! Eckert's has the most delicious, creamy, and decadent custard I've had in a while! Between Ted Drewe's and Eckert's I've got my ice cream lovin' heart content!

All in all, it was a super fun experience and definitely one I can't wait to have again! Maybe pumpkin patch season??

But wait, there's more!


If you're local, be sure to head over to my Instagram to enter to win a $25 gift card to Eckert's! You can use it to purchase just about anything in their massive (and delicious smelling) marketplace! Everything from homemade pies and cheese garden flags and accessories. It was such a fun little shop to browse through, and who doesn't love a little spending money?

Happy Monday, y'all! Let me know if you're entering the giveaway! Isn't apple picking just one of the best things about fall? :)

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