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Fave Five Friday | Return of the Sniffles

Normally I'd be all, "woo-hoo, it's Friday!" but we've all been suffering from congestion and oncoming head colds for three days, so I just don't have the energy or enthusiasm this week. Meh.

But even the worst weeks have their highlights, so I'll try to find the silver lining(s) and share them with you!

5.) I may feel under the weather, but the actual weather has been pretty nice! Unfortunately, it's reached that point where it's crisp, fall temps in the morning and evening but still blazing summer at midday. So I'm still pining for my blanket scarf, but I'm able to (mostly) comfortably wear jeans all day, and that's a start. I love this look from last year, with a teeny little Parker-bump!

4.) I held a giveaway for a $25 gift card to Eckert's this week on Instagram and I'm so happy my friend Paige won! She has the cutest baby girl that I just know will love the farm. Speaking of Eckert's, our full apple-picking recap is finally up on the blog! Check out the full post here!

3.) Anyone else dreaming of Christmas? Just me? Ok. At least I'm like halfway done with all of my holiday shopping now! I shared a great way to save lots on neat gifts with Groupon yesterday!

2.) Do you ever hunker down and just drop all your cares at God's feet? All those hard, difficult decisions and the fear and anxiety of the unknown that weighs you down? Seriously, pray and give it to God tonight. You'll wake up 50 lbs lighter and have much more peace.

1.) Now for a glimpse at what my week really looked like....PJs all day, lots of Netflix, and lots of procrastination. Oh well. I love these babies and I love how much they love each other. ♥

Here's to cooler temps and less sickliness! Happy weekend!

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  1. Hope you feel better soon!! I had the sinus & head cold stuff for 2 weeks and it was miserable :(

    1. It's always miserable, isn't it? A full week later and I'm finally feeling better!

  2. Such sweet pics of the kiddos! I'm starting to get a cold, too. :(

    1. Thanks, Becky! Hoping your cold is gone by now!

  3. Feel better soon! I can't wait to break out my blanket scarves, too!

    Sarah // www.sarahincolor.com

    1. If September stopped being 90 degrees, I'd break out all of my scarves and sweaters! Come on fall!


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