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Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween from our little mermaid and her buddies Flounder and Sebastian!

Lucy is obsessed with Ariel and The Little Mermaid, so of course I had to dress them up accordingly. It turned out super cute and I really love it! Lucy will enjoy her costume as a fun dress up outfit in the years to come which makes it all worth it!

We're going trick or treating in our neighborhood today and leaving candy out on our porch, as well as some fun non-candy treats for our #TealPumpkinProject! We don't have any food allergies in our house, but I like the idea of having a little something for those who do suffer or just don't like/want candy!

When we get back with all of our harvest we're having slow cooker chili soup + grilled cheese! I can't wait!

What are your Halloween plans? Have a safe one!

Costume Details

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Fave Five Friday | Halloween + Happy Mail

Hooray for Friday!

I've been hunkered down with a cold all week but things are finally starting to look better!

Here are some of this week's highlights:

5.) Happy almost Halloween! Lucy is going as Ariel and Parker will join her as Flounder :) I even found a lobster costume for Winston which is close enough for him to be Sebastian! What are y'all dressing up as for Halloween?

4.) I'm expecting some happy mail today or tomorrow! I finally took the plunge on a new lens for my camera and ordered the leopard clutch I've been envying for a year now! So excited to get these bad boys in the mail!

3.) I shared some of my favorite fall pins from Pinterest lately and it just makes me feel so warm and cozy and ready for the holidays! Anyone else?

2.) Also on the blog this week: my Kentucky trip recap! We met mermaids at Newport Aquarium and visited a super cute pumpkin patch. Parker also got his first hair cut!

1.) Say hello to this weekend's project! I picked up this gorgeous antique beauty and it's matching vanity last week and have been scrubbing them down ever since. I want your advice! Do I stain them darker wood, or paint them? If paint, what color?! They are pretty damaged and I'm not sure I can save the veneer. You wouldn't believe the crap I've scraped and scrubbed off of them since I took this photo!

So what would you do to these pretty pieces? Paint? Stain?

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Pinspiration | All Things Fall

Who else gets extra Pinterest-happy when the temp drops? With new weather comes new outfit inspo and holiday home decor ideas! This year I'm especially into the home decor posts with our new home to decorate! 

I've been pinning all kinds of colorful autumn-hued things lately, so I thought I'd share some of my favorites with y'all!

This cozy room looks so inviting! I would love a quiet afternoon snuggling with my hubby in front of the fire here!

This cider cocktail sounds yummy too! It would make a great punch for Thanksgiving guests and is pretty, too!

Glitter + Pumpkins?! These must have been made just for me ;) I love the glow from the tealight as well.

The prettiest rust nail color for fall! I have a dress in this shade and it is quickly becoming a favorite!

How adorable are these little acorn treats?! They look super easy and I appreciate that they aren't made with those peanut butter sandwich cookies, since I hate peanut butter!

 Oh how I wish I had a pretty fireplace and mantel like this one to decorate! Someday I'll be able to put all of these holiday mantels I have pinned to use! So pretty!

What are you pinning for fall? Have you already skipped ahead to Christmas or are you living for the leaves?


Pumpkins and Mermaids! | Kentucky Trip Recap

A couple of weeks ago, we took a little road trip to visit my family in Lexington, Kentucky! It was a super busy, fun filled 5 days. We rode ponies, met mermaids, and much much more that I'm excited to recap with you today!

No one could decide if these alligators were real because they were so still! My little brother, Carson, finally asked one of the aquarium employees and they said they are 100% real! This guy here was named Mighty Mike and is the largest American alligator outside of Florida.

We also got to see a real live mermaid! It was so neat to see and she was so friendly and sweet to the kids!

Anyone else wondering what kind of makeup she's wearing?!

Not only did we get to see a mermaid swimming, we got to meet one! Lucy has been obsessed with The Little Mermaid lately, so of course she got excited.

Preston, Parker and Carson all had a little guy time checking out some seahorses.

Can't forget the penguins! Lucy gave this one hugs and got upset when we had to leave!

The whale! I loved coming to Newport Aquarium as a kid, so it was really neat getting to take my own babies for the first time.

We also hit up a fun apple orchard in the area while we were there, called Evan's Orchard. It was very similar to Eckert's here in the St Louis area, but cheaper and a lot more for the kids to do. I loved that they had tons of outdoor play like the Apple Cider Slider and lots of jumping areas and swingsets rather than just carnival rides like Eckert's.

Isn't this the prettiest display??

This giant slide was so much fun! Preston and I took turns riding with Lucy and she had a blast.

Our blue eyed boy! He had a great time watching everything around him!

And of course, if there's a horse or pony ride available we have to go at least once! This little guy was named Cinnamon and Lucy was in love!

Last, but not least, we spent a little time at my grandma Jo Jo's house where she gave Parker his first hair cut! He looks like a little boy now, and it makes me a little sad, especially since he turned 6 MONTHS OLD yesterday!!! How is that even possible??

Poor guy didn't like being held still, but we got it done and now I've got a little half year old :(

We had a wonderful time in Kentucky with our family and can't wait to head back for Thanksgiving in a few short weeks! Have you ever been to Newport Aquarium? What are some of your favorite fall family activities??


Black, Tan, and Plaid

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Who ever decided that black and tan don't mix? I love pairing my tans and cognacs with black during the fall to warm things up! I've never been one to follow fashion "rules" too often. I've even got several outfit posts planned for this winter with white jeans, because, why not?

This LBD has been a closet staple of mine for a long time. It's a great cut that can be easily dressed up or down, plus the sleeves keep things modest in a pretty way. And can I reiterate what a great purchase this blanket scarf was last year? Seriously, it goes with so much! I hope to snag a few more colors and styles this season because I just love them! Definitely worth buying one in a high quality so it will last.

This is also my first ever pair of ankle boots! I know, I can't believe it took me this long to jump on the bootie bandwagon. I blame the fact that I spent 2 years buying new riding boots because I didn't want to splurge on a quality pair. Last fall I finally bit the bullet and purchased the perfect knee highs from Macy's and while my wallet took a little hit, it was definitely worth it to see them looking brand new a year later, after lots of wear. These booties are holding up well so far, too, considering they were just a Target find.

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Outfit Details
Dress // Nordstrom (old), similar
Scarf // Altar'd State
Hat // Jack & Lucy, similar
Booties // Target
Hair Tie Bracelet // c/o Maria Shireen
Bangle // Target, similar

What kind of fashion rules do you dare to ditch? Are you a blanket scarf lover, too?


Four Holy Grail Baby Sleep Products

Are you dragging yourself out of bed every morning? Barely opening your eyes while you make that first cup of coffee? Girl, I feel you. Losing sleep is hard. And it's hard to function and be the best mom you can be when you're exhausted.

For us, Lucy has always been a great sleeper (save for those days of teething or illness), and has slept through the night since she was about 7 or 8 weeks old.

Parker, not so much.

I love our little man to pieces, but man is he the total opposite of Lucy sometimes! Sleep has been one of our worst struggles with Parker. We finally switched him to formula after 4 months of nursing, thinking maybe he wasn't getting full. After the first week or so of formula, he slept through the night, went right down for naps with little to no fighting and was a total sweetheart all day long! I can't believe what a difference it made and now I really wish I'd switched him sooner. Poor guy was just hungry!

Parker is now almost 6 months old and while we still struggle at nap time, we have found a little cocktail of things that give him, and us, the best sleep we can get with a baby in the house. I consider these my "holy grail" products and I highly recommend all of them!

Dockatot // When I received our Dockatot in the mail, I wasn't really sure what to think. Is it a bed? A tummy time mat? A cot? Well, yeah! All three! At the time, Parker was still struggling to sleep and hadn't been switched to formula. He was sleeping in his Rock n' Play (which I also recommend, especially for reflux babies), but was never happy and starting to wiggle up the side of it which scared me. I decided to give the Dockatot a try and I couldn't believe how much happier he was at night! Though he wouldn't start sleeping through the night until we gave him formula, he did sleep better and longer in his dock. I think he prefers to lay flat (which is safest!), and the extra support on the sides helped him to still feel secure and "snuggled" if you will. I love that it has been OEKO-TEX certified and is made of 100% cotton. It's also very breathable which can help prevent SIDS.

I will admit, at almost $200, this is a fairly pricey commodity, but the safety and comfort it provides and the ease with which you can wash it (it all unzips and can be tossed in the washer!), makes it worth it to me. Looking for a co-sleeper? The Dockatot works great between mommy and daddy in their bed! It also functions as a great tummy time mat and general safe space for baby to play, lounge, and snooze.

Want to check out Dockatot for yourself? CLICK HERE to learn more and receive a discount!


Perfectly Posh Sleepy Sleep Stick // Y'all know I love my beauty products, but my sensitive skin can sometimes get in the way. It's no different for my babies, so I was thrilled to find my favorite all natural beauty company sells products that are perfect for baby. We love our Sleepy Sleep Stick and so do my nephews. It's made with all natural ingredients including highest quality essential oils like lavender to help calm baby and lull them to sleep. We just swipe this on the bottom of their feet, on their temples and sometimes on the tip of Parker's nose to help him settle. Works like a charm! I'm so glad my sister-in-law introduced me to Perfectly Posh and I hope you'll check out her site if you're interested in more natural and amazing beauty products! P.S. Everything on the site is $25 or less! Score!

Summer Infant Swaddleme // Parker is getting too big for the swaddle now, but he still loves it and sleeps so well with it. We loved these easy, velcro swaddles with Lucy and have loved them with Parker, too. They're simple to use, wash well, and even have a hole so you can buckle baby into a car seat/bouncer/etc. and still swaddle.

White Noise Maker // This one didn't seem to matter much to Lucy, but Parker almost always knocks right out once we turn on the white noise! We just use an app on our phone while he still sleeps in our room, but once he switches to his crib (soon) I think we'll look into this machine.

So do you have any tried and true baby sleep items? Think you'd try any of these? Let me know!

*I received a Dockatot free for my review; all opinions are my own. This post also contains affiliate links.*

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