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Currently | October 2016

Oh, hey, October! You totally snuck up on me. I'm almost positive it was September 1st like one minute ago. Anyway, it is finally feeling crisp and cool outside and the leaves are really starting to drop, so it is definitely feeling like fall up in here!

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Cheers-ing | Right now, I am definitely giving a big ol' "cheers!" to the arrival of our Kentucky trip! This mini vacay was supposed to happen in August. And then September. I am more than ready to hit the road and stay with my family for a while, and I'm even more excited to have Preston off work for a whole week! He is so busy these days!

Organizing | Things I should be organizing: my car, the pantry, my closet, my kids' closets, the dvds, the toys, the garage, the storage room, the laundry room

Things I AM organizing: my makeup drawer. For real though, the lippies are getting all mixed up and I just can't handle the chaos any more!

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Dreaming | *of a whiiiite Chriiiistmaaas*. Really, can we just skip Halloween and jump right to Thanksgiving dinner and my inevitable Black Friday Christmas decorating? I like dressing up, and who doesn't like free candy (come on, moms, we all tax the kids' buckets), but if Halloween was suddenly not celebrated anymore, I can't say I would really care. #sorrynotsorry

Buying | Christmas gifts! I love to get ahead of myself on the decorating, but I also love to tackle those holiday shopping lists ahead of time so that we can spend the weeks leading up to Christmas just enjoying the season. I would much rather spend the weekend driving to look at lights with my family than be stuck in a sardine-packed mall to buy gender-neutral gifts for the employee Christmas exchange.

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Listening | If you've come this far, I think it's safe to say, "you guessed it": Christmas music! I promise I don't listen to it every day. I've been really enjoying JOYfm (our local Christian station) and my Spotify playlist of old jazz and big band music, as well. I am definitely an old soul; Glenn Miller makes my heart sing.

Do you have any odd tastes in music? Are you a victim of OCD (Obsessive Christmas Disorder) like me?

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  1. Haha it is WAY more fun to organize random spots like makeup drawers than the "should" spots, isn't it?


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