Popsugar Must Have Box | September 2016 - Like Honey

Popsugar Must Have Box | September 2016

Have you heard of Popsugar's Must Have box? It's a monthly subscription box filled with random "must haves" and this month definitely had a few items that lived up to that name.

Jack + Lucy Bicoastal Wide Brim Hat, $58 | This is by far my favorite thing in the box. I've never been much of a hat girl, but seeing all these cute felt hats for fall had me considering one. This one from Jack & Lucy features a drawstring adjustment on the inside which is convenient if you wear it towards the crown of your head and don't want it to fall right off. While I love the style, the price point just seems excessive here. Below are a few similar options that are much more affordable, in my opinion.

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Briogeo Don't Despair, Repair! Deep Conditioning Mask, $36 | I suffer from pretty dry, fine hair and with cold weather coming quick, I thought a deep conditioning mask would be just the thing to keep my strands healthy and sleek. This mask is pretty good. The first time I used it for only 5 minutes and almost felt no difference. I could have just been using my regular conditioner. The second time I left it on for the full 10 minutes and my hair felt much softer. Most masks I've used left my hair with almost a slimy feeling upon rinsing, but this one felt much more natural and just truly soft. I think it's a good combination of hydration and clarification that doesn't leave a lot of buildup on the hair and doesn't weigh things down at the roots. Definitely a winner in my book!

Smith & Cult Lip Lacquer in The Warning, $22 | I was so ready to love this lip lacquer when I saw that Smith & Cult logo and beautiful packaging. Upon swatching, it seemed super pigmented and very smooth. Perfect! So I tried it on my lips and was so disappointed. The color was super sheer and the formula was the stickiest, goopiest mess I've ever experienced. I found a silver lining--this lacquer looks great as a wash of gloss on top of a red lipstick, but it's still extremely sticky, even after several hours. Super disappointing :(

NCLA Mani-ER Tool Kit, $16 | I'm not sure I would pay $16 for a manicure kit that I could buy for $3 at the drugstore, but this one is cute, compact and gets the job done! I'll keep it in my diaper bag for now and probably travel with it later.

F'Lint Lint Roller, $10 | A retractable, travel-sized lint roller? What a neat idea! The paper is super sticky, even when it's covered in fuzz and dog hair, and works like a charm. Definitely not something you need everyday, but great for your work desk or suitcase!

The Gluten Free Bites Dark Chocolate Coconut Bites, $5 | Not being a fan of coconut or dark chocolate, these were definitely not my taste. I'm not usually specifically into things gluten-free or vegan and whatnot, so I think I'd definitely find another healthy snack myself, but these are a great option if you do steer clear of gluten or just really like dark chocolate rolled in coconut flakes. Lucy really likes them!

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*I received this box free for my review. All opinions are my own. This post contains affiliate links.*

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