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Pumpkins and Mermaids! | Kentucky Trip Recap

A couple of weeks ago, we took a little road trip to visit my family in Lexington, Kentucky! It was a super busy, fun filled 5 days. We rode ponies, met mermaids, and much much more that I'm excited to recap with you today!

No one could decide if these alligators were real because they were so still! My little brother, Carson, finally asked one of the aquarium employees and they said they are 100% real! This guy here was named Mighty Mike and is the largest American alligator outside of Florida.

We also got to see a real live mermaid! It was so neat to see and she was so friendly and sweet to the kids!

Anyone else wondering what kind of makeup she's wearing?!

Not only did we get to see a mermaid swimming, we got to meet one! Lucy has been obsessed with The Little Mermaid lately, so of course she got excited.

Preston, Parker and Carson all had a little guy time checking out some seahorses.

Can't forget the penguins! Lucy gave this one hugs and got upset when we had to leave!

The whale! I loved coming to Newport Aquarium as a kid, so it was really neat getting to take my own babies for the first time.

We also hit up a fun apple orchard in the area while we were there, called Evan's Orchard. It was very similar to Eckert's here in the St Louis area, but cheaper and a lot more for the kids to do. I loved that they had tons of outdoor play like the Apple Cider Slider and lots of jumping areas and swingsets rather than just carnival rides like Eckert's.

Isn't this the prettiest display??

This giant slide was so much fun! Preston and I took turns riding with Lucy and she had a blast.

Our blue eyed boy! He had a great time watching everything around him!

And of course, if there's a horse or pony ride available we have to go at least once! This little guy was named Cinnamon and Lucy was in love!

Last, but not least, we spent a little time at my grandma Jo Jo's house where she gave Parker his first hair cut! He looks like a little boy now, and it makes me a little sad, especially since he turned 6 MONTHS OLD yesterday!!! How is that even possible??

Poor guy didn't like being held still, but we got it done and now I've got a little half year old :(

We had a wonderful time in Kentucky with our family and can't wait to head back for Thanksgiving in a few short weeks! Have you ever been to Newport Aquarium? What are some of your favorite fall family activities??


  1. We love the Newport Aquarium but have yet to see the mermaids!

    1. We do too! I used to go all the time as a kid. The mermaids are there every summer, they were neat!!


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