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A Prayer on Election Day

Today is a big day for America. It's a big day for me; my first election in which I am able to vote. It's almost a mockery, like when I turned 21 and the bartender didn't even card me. But I won't get into the political arguments that have taken over all of my social media feeds for the last several months. Today I just want to pray with you all. I want to pray for this country and its leaders elect. I want to pray for its people and the decision that each of us will bear on our conscious today.

So today I pray:

Lord, we are grateful for the freedoms we are given and our ability to vote today. Please be with us as we cast our ballots, and let Your Holy Spirit guide those in charge of the ultimate decision. I ask not for You to sway the vote in my favor, but that You would give us all the strength to persevere through the outcome. Lord I pray that You will be with our politicians and leaders as they prepare to take office and that You will make known to them the love of Your son, Jesus Christ. We are all made in Your image, even our most corrupt and we all need Your love and grace. Jesus, let us feel Your steady hand and constant love today, and everyday. Amen.

I fear for the the future that I will have to raise my children in. What will our country look like in the coming years? I won't be able to protect them forever, I know, but it terrifies me to think that what little protecting I've done for now may no longer be possible. That I may no longer be able to provide for them in the same way as before. I'm not good at change, and it's taken a lot of prayer and grace to get comfortable with that. As you head to the ballot box today, don't fear the coming changes. God has known the outcome of this election since He created the stars. Vote your conscience, vote life, and vote knowing that whatever the end results of today may be, God is our King above all leaders.

Alright y'all. Don't be afraid to perform your civic duty! Happy Tuesday!

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