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Fave Five Friday | Where is Fall?!


It's been a lazy, way to warm week around here and we've done a whole lot of nothing which I am OK with! I had quite a bit of happy mail, too! Here's some highlights:

5.) This pretty leopard clutch is quickly becoming an every day staple! I absolutely love it, and still can't get enough of this gorgeous JORD watch!

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Sweater // Gap, similar
Jeans // Target
Heels // Target
Watch // JORD
Clutch // Purple Peridot

4.) More happy mail in the form of a trio of lippies! This is my second voxbox from Bite Beauty and I'm just as in love with it as I was the first. Two of the colors are very similar to the NARS birthday set from Sephora last year but there's a third color that's completely different. I can't wait to try them all!

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(from left to right) Cava // Glace // Red Velvet

3.) It's officially November and I am ready for sweaters and holiday festivities! Buuuut it's still a balmy 75 degrees around here and its totally spoiling the mood! See more of what I'm up to and loving this month in a new Currently post.

 2.) Anyone else enjoying their Halloween mom tax? As the kids get older, I promise I won't take as much. But Lucy isn't even 2 yet so she only gets one piece per day...someone's got to help her out, right? ;-)

1.) Once upon a time, I hated going to church. Seriously dreaded it. In the last several years I have come to enjoy going and even look forward to our Sunday service! I love how when God is in control of our lives they are infinitely better and more positive!

What does your weekend look like? We're heading to church and having lots of good family time!

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  1. This year we tried the white Reese's ghosts...oh my word, so good!! Hope you're enjoying the last bit of the weekend!

    1. Ooh yum! I'm always a fan of the white chocolate KitKat!


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