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Fave Five Friday | Feeling Sluggish

Y'all.....this week has drrraaagged by. And I got next to nothing done. How does this happen?

Oh, yeah, because I've barely slept this week.

Baby boy has been keeping us up every night this week. I suspect teething, but he could just be going through a clingy phase. At any rate, I am TIRED. And that's why the blog was looking pretty sparse this week. Sorry not sorry.

Anyway, this week wasn't a total drag at least! I've got a few highlights to share with you:

5.) First off, are these stinkers not the cutest?! I snapped some pictures of them last weekend here and there and I'm just in love. As little as this guy sleeps, he is happy happy when he wakes up! Lucy is really getting into having her picture taken (on her terms, of course) and loves to smile! I'm tired, but I'm blessed beyond words.


4.) I finally got a new laptop! It's nothing crazy, just a Lenovo, but after 6 years and 2 harddrive fails on the old dinosaur I was using it feels ah-mazing to have a laptop that weighs like less than 2lbs. All the praise hands!

3.) Did y'all catch the one post that made it to the blog this week? Ha, I'm never sorry for prioritizing my family and myself before my blog, but I do feel bad when I'm churning next to no content out for you guys. Either way, this sweater is worth talking about. It's so soft, has a hi-low hem and comes in so many pretty colors! I've got a fun OOTD planned with the burgundy one I also have and they're both around $20! Score!

2.) Who else is prepping for 2017 already? Yep, guilty. I'm the person who would plan the whole year if I had the means. This planner from STARTplanner is a great way to start setting those goals and meeting those deadlines and I've got a fun post + a giveaway coming to the blog next week! Stay tuned!

1.) That's pretty much it this week, but since we're still calling this Fave Five here's a little encouragement for you today! God created you in HIS image and LOVES you even when you fail!

Happy weekend everybody!

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