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Fave Five Friday | Lots to Love

It's finally Friday!

Living with only one car and a hubby that works long hours every day makes the week go by sooo much slower. We aren't super obsessed with getting out of the house and generally spend 5-6 days a week at home anyway. But there's something about not being able to leave the house that makes it so much worse.

In an effort to be a positive person, here are 5 things I loved from this week in honor of Valentine's Day!

5 // These two are my heart and soul. They both have such sweet and happy personalities and rarely fuss. I'm so blessed to have such good babies and I love being their mama. As you can see, we did get out of the house this week for a grocery run and it was their first time sharing a double cart seat. They did great!

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 4 // Sorry, one two more because how cute are they?! Parker turns 10 months old next week....Lucy is looking more and more like a little girl every day. Someone stop time, my heart hurts!

3 // I said I was staying positive, so here is some happy news! Remember the Lilly for Target romper I finally snagged for Lucy on eBay for like $4?? I just scored the matching mommy sized one for me for just $20! *happy dance* Now let's just PRAY that it fits...

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2 // I got my first pair of Lularoe leggings last week, too....let's just say sold. Sooo soft and buttery. I love how much stretch they have without looking yucky or unflattering on my thighs. Be sure to hit up my girl Lularoe Joni Bond for future sales and giveaways! She is the best and has a lot of good stuff coming up!

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1 // Another new love this week: this new lip color from L'Oreal (aff.)! I am absolutely in love with this bright bold pink and just know I'm going to be rocking it all spring and summer! Stay tuned for a L'Oreal haul + review, soon!

I love sharing little highlights from my week...it makes me feel so blessed! Today my family is coming to stay for a couple days over the 3 day weekend! I can't wait to do some relaxing and shopping together. What are some things you're loving this week?

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