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Enjoying Life's Little Moments with Libman

As a busy mom of two, two and under, it's easy to get stressed and freak out about all of life's little messes. As a Type A personality, it took a lot of adjusting for me to relax when Lucy would get crumbs all over the couch or fingerprints on just about every surface. I learned to give myself grace in these moments and had to remind myself "my kids aren't making messes, they're making memories". 

Spending time together making memories instead of worrying about messes!

Baking cookies together is much less stressful when I know I can sweep up in no time!
But letting go of that stress and worry when Lucy and I would bake cookies didn't mean I could just let myself go. I still had to keep up a clean and orderly house as best I could. That's where Libman comes in. I bet you didn't think there could be anything special about a broom, but their Precision Angled Broom has just the right stiffness of bristles to pick up every last crumb and dust bunny. The angle makes it easy to get underneath all of my cabinets and appliances and I love that it comes with a dust pan so I don't have to worry about little hands getting into any piles. I picked mine up at Walmart with this $3 off Coupon!

These two are so much more important than spending time cleaning!
every. single. crumb. So easy!

I know a lot of people would rather vacuum, but with two kids and a crazy dog, it's not always easy to drag out the vacuum, unwrap the cord, plug it in, and then get started. By kickin' it old school and using a sturdy broom, I can easily get my messes cleaned quickly and enjoy more time with my little ones. The days are long but the years are short, and I want to cherish and savor every moment with my little ones without sacrificing a clean home.

The Libman Precision Angled Broom comes with an attached dust pan making clean up even quicker!

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So what does your cleaning routine look like? How do you make more time with your littles?

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  1. I find sweeping much more therapeutic than hoovering! Apart from when I have a lovely pile and Zach decides to run through it....aaaaargh!!! Thanks for linking up with #TwinklyTuesday

  2. Superb!! Surface cleaning I think is just wiping everything down and cleaning the bathroom is Deep cleaning it top to bottom.


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