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Fave Five Friday | Hello Again, Kentucky

Hi once again from Kentucky!

I made an impromptu trip up here for a family emergency and am sticking around for the next two weeks! The circumstances stink but I'm happy to be here!

Besides that craziness, here's what I've been up to this week:

5 | So many pretty makeup goodies from L'Oreal on the blog this week that I just can't help but overshare. There's a nifty new eyeliner there that you're going to have to see for yourself....it's so odd!

4 | Also on LHB this week: How I keep my cleaning time to a minimum so I can maximize the precious time I have with my little ones! There's a $3 off coupon for Libman in there which means you can start your spring cleaning for next to nothing in no time. Plus you can head here to enter to win up to $500! Woohoo!

3 | My little sister turned 7 this week so we had a fun little family party to celebrate! She loves Hello Kitty so we had lots of HK decor and a frilly pink cake to top it off!

2 | Can we talk about my obsession with these extensions?? They're ahhmazing and completely flawless...you seriously can't tell they're extensions! Stay tuned next week for a post all about them!

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1 | Any book lovers out there? I rarely have time to read anymore, but I was looking forward to diving further in to this one! Unfortunately I left it at home and won't be back til late March! :( Have you read it? Let me know your thoughts!

It's going to be cold again here in KY, so I'm spending this weekend indoors! Happy Friday!


  1. I need to know about your extensions, they look flawless. I am always looking into them but never actually purchase any. Can't wait to see your post

  2. I live in KY too, so that's awesome you're here - sorry it's not for the best reason though! But yeah, it's pretty cold here. Sigh.

    Happy Birthday to your sister!



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