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Mom-Hack: How to Banish Tired Eyes for Good!

*This post has been sponsored by VII Code. As always, all opinions are my own. Some links are affiliate.*

How many of you mamas got a full 8 hours last night? Did you wake up with dark circles, bags, or general puffiness most mornings? What if I told you you could ditch the dark circles overnight? And by overnight, I mean, literally while you sleep!

These gel-like oxygen eye masks by VII Code are saving my tired eyes every morning. I’ve tried many sheet masks and overnight creams but never noticed a drastic difference the next day. With these masks, I wake up looking well-rested and refreshed, not puffy and drained, even when I’ve gotten up multiple times during the night with kids. The gel texture is a little strange at first, but it has a lovely cooling sensation that is so refreshing and you can really feel it working.

VII Code Oxygen EyeMasks are designed to work overnight to reduce dark circles, puffiness, and wrinkles. I use them about two to three days per week and have noticed a huge difference in the skin under my eyes. Not only does it look brighter and feel softer, but I’ve noticed a tightening effect as though it really is working that anti-aging magic (and I’m only 22, so no wrinkles here yet!). A full course of treatment is three boxes or 18 pairs of masks. Depending on your sleeping position, the masks can sometimes shift and peel at the sides overnight, but I haven't had many issues and still see the full effects in the morning!

Bottom line: Tired moms are going to love these masks. Even if you don't use them as a full anti-aging treatment, you’ll love pampering yourself with these gorgeous masks right before bed and waking up to bright eyes, feeling ready to take on the day. I’ve noticed a drastic reduction in puffiness in the mornings since starting and only use them a couple of times a week. I think this is the end of the “mombie” struggle! Just add coffee ;)

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