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6 Road Trip Essentials I Can't Leave Without

We make a lot of road trips with our frequent trips to Kentucky! This past weekend we made the trek to enjoy Fourth of July with my family before Preston and I head off to Charleston and I made sure to pack all of my favorite road trip must-haves along with me!

Here's a look at some of my go-to essentials:

Water || We all know the importance of proper hydration, so pack plenty of water and leave early if you're worried about bathroom breaks.

Slip-On Shoes || I always feel more comfortable in a cramped car if I can slip my shoes off, so I opt for easy slide on sandals or flip flops that can be put back on quickly for pit stops and lunch breaks.

Sweater or Blanket || If you're like me, you'll probably fight with your hubby over the AC the entire trip unless you bring something to keep yourself warm. ;)

Reading Material || A good magazine or book will make the time go by much more quickly!

Personal Care || Nothing is worse than dry hands (especially after using that cheap truckstop bathroom soap), chapped lips, or a starving tummy. I always keep a little hand lotion and chapstick with me in all my bags and for road trips I like to pack a light snack to tide me over until the next leg of the trip.

Headphones || Don't want to share the radio with the whole family? Bring headphones so you can listen to audiobooks, Netflix, or your own Spotify playlists instead of hearing the Moana soundtrack for the 1000th time. #MomLife

Our road trips are always a breeze thanks to all of these extra essentials (and usually a stop for some chicken nuggets along the way)!

Is there anything you can't live without on a road trip?

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