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The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for Her

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It's officially Christmas time! I love seeing gift guides and what everyone's putting on their Christmas list, so today I'm starting my 2017 Holiday Gift Guide Series! Here's hoping my hubby reads my blog in time ;)

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This leopard scarf has been a favorite of mine all fall, so I know it will make a great gift for any gal on your list! You can never go wrong with a blush nude crossbody or a sparkly gold heel, either!

So what do you have on your Christmas list this year? Share it in the comments!


Olive + Plaid Fall Layering

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Can you believe Thanksgiving is already over?! This season has completely flown by. Sometimes I feel like I haven't made the most of it, because we haven't really gone to "do" anything. But then I see these gorgeous yellow leaves filling my yard and my kids having such a blast jumping into them, that I realize we didn't have to GO or really DO anything to enjoy the season. We were able to capture fun memories and quality family time from right here at home!

I've been feeling a little burnt out on the whole blanket scarf trend, but this orange-y plaid really embodied all of my favorite fall colors and I just had to find a few ways to wear it while my backyard was so vibrant! In case you missed it: You can see how I styled a blanket scarf with a belt here.

I love the way vests and scarves layer together, and this combo is no exception. I'm enjoying finding new ways to style a utility vest; this one is getting a lot of wear lately! All this look really needed was a simple clutch and some classic pearl earrings (what outfit doesn't look better with a few pearls?!). Oh and can we talk about this crazy pony? I'll always love my shorter hair, but I can't even with this low pony hard. to tame. #GrowFaster


Do you have any fall family traditions? How do you choose to layer your fall wardrobe?


Simple Mom Style for Fall

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Simple outfits are really some of my favorites. I love the ease of pairing a cozy sweater with jeans and booties and seeing it all come together with just a couple accessories. 2017 has definitely been the year of the hat for me--this black felt panama is a total staple in my fall and winter wardrobe. It elevates the simplest look to something just a little more pulled together.

And this black handbag? A clearance steal at Target that has been even better than I imagined! You know you're a mom when your purse has to be big enough to hold diapers, wipes, cups, pacifiers, a couple of books, and at least 3 snacks before putting any of your own items in it. #MomLife, amirite? This purse is that and more! The pocket in the front is my favorite for storing my phone and keys in the store for easy access, and it comes with a crossbody strap should I need to go hands-free.


I also realized how much I love this taupe and black color combo! They're both such classic neutrals and I usually don't pair light and dark together this way, but I'm really liking it!

P.S. Did you catch my Thanksgiving style edit? This outfit made an appearance and didn't break any of my What NOT to Wear rules!

What's your favorite simple style look?


What NOT to Wear to Thanksgiving Dinner + 8 Feast-Ready Looks to Recreate

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Whether you travel to be with family or host the meal in your own kitchen, Thanksgiving is a time to gather with those we love and enjoy time together. I think that's my favorite aspect of the holiday season and I'm so excited to spend time with my family in my own home this year!

For me, any family gathering is an opportunity to "dress up" a little bit! I love having a chance to ditch my leggings for something a little more put together, but there are some do's and don't's to finding the perfect Thanksgiving-ready outfit. Today, I've got 6 outfit ideas for you that are easy to throw together and don't break any of my Thanksgiving wardrobe rules:


Keep It Simple
There is a time and a place for statement sleeves, and the dining table is not one of them! Leave the complicated styles at home and enjoy a no-fuss meal.

Dress Up
It was once the norm to wash up and dress nicely for the regular, weeknight family dinner. I love that tradition, but it just isn't practical in today's busy schedules, so I love seizing the opportunity to be a little more presentable than normal at holiday functions and special occasions.

Dress Comfortably
Dressing up doesn't have to mean black tie! Let's face it: you're probably going to be overeating and lounging around, so make sure your outfit can accommodate the extra bloat and casual seating: take a casual outfit to the next level with jewelry or heels.


Wear White
As much as I love cream sweater and white jeans in the fall, DON'T wear white to a big meal! No one wants cranberry sauce stains on their lap...seriously.

Wear Tight Clothing
I don't know about you, but I'm certainly not comfortable wearing my tight jeans or a snug sweater after feasting on the biggest meal of the year. Hide that food baby with something a little more forgiving.

Rock a Bold Lip
Who doesn't love a bright, red lip during the holidays?! At least wait until after the big meal to apply a bold lip color, or skip it altogether, to avoid a smeared and bleeding mess.

Have you ever had a Thanksgiving outfit mishap? What are you planning to wear to your family feast?


FALLing for Autumn Layers

Fall is finally here! Thanksgiving is just a few weeks away and I'm getting all the fall layering in before it gets really cold. I'm still totally crushing on blanket scarves, but I love finding new and interesting ways to wear them. This belted look was surprisingly warm and still super chic.

Oh, and can we talk about all of these leaves?! I feel like everything took longer to turn color this year, but I'm really enjoying the view out my window so close to the holidays. The kids have been loving running through the piles and tossing them around. We have two of these trees and they're both still completely full of bright, yellow foliage so I think our front yard is sufficiently prepared for fall now!

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My usual fall layer look is a cardi and jeans (basic, I know), so I'm trying to find some different ways to make the most of my fall wardrobe this season! How do you rock layers in the fall?


10 Kitchen Must Haves Before Your Thanksgiving Meal

Thanksgiving is the best meal of the year and many of us prep for weeks in anticipation. I have a small kitchen and a big family, so I've got a few essentials when it comes to feeding a crowd. Here are my Top 10 Kitchen Must Haves you need to buy before you bake that bird:

The ability to keep a dish warm while you're cooking everything else will come in super handy on Thanksgiving. For even easier clean up, use a Crockpot Liner!

Pretty cloth napkins amp up any tablescape for a special occasion! There are so many varieties out there in all price ranges and you'll save money in the long run by cutting out paper products now and then.

Protect your tabletop or countertop in style with a pretty trivet--a must have when serving a multi-course meal.

A wooden spoon is a must-have in any southern kitchen. They're safe for nonstick pans and pretty enough to serve.

No Thanksgiving is complete without a pie, so dish up your pumpkin pastry in a pretty new plate. This one comes with a matching server, too!

This is a new one for me but I'm oh-so excited to make use of it! My dear father-in-law gave me an electric roaster a while back and we cooked a massive ham with ease! It's a fantastic way to expedite dinner and open up a spot in the oven.

Not just at Thanksgiving, these simple silicone tongs are an absolute lifesaver in the kitchen! I use mine all the time to flip patties, toss pasta, you name it! It works great for serving, too.

Since not all of us can afford the luxury of a fancy stand mixer, the trusty beaters come to the rescue! We got this set as a wedding present and it's been an absolute dream. I love the storage case for keeping things contained, especially when counters are cluttered.

Scoop, stir, scrape, and serve--silicone spatulas are a tried and true favorite. I love the smaller versions for getting every last drop out of a can or jar.

Tupperware is a mom's best friend! Keep your leftovers fresh (or send some home with guests) in a set of sturdy, sealable containers. I prefer the kind with nesting lids for easier cabinet storage.

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Cooking for a crowd in a small kitchen is no easy task, but these products make my dining table feel five-star. Did I miss anything? Share your Thanksgiving dinner gadgets with us in the comments!

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