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The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for Him

Now that you've shopped for the gals in your group, it's time to start thinking about that guy! Men are the hardest to shop for, aren't they?! I will never understand that, but being married to your best friend does have its advantages: I've got a few tried & true gift ideas for guys that will win even the most stubborn man smile:

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We've always been music lovers, so a new record is usually on at least one of our lists every year. I also gave Preston a similar bluetooth speaker earlier this year and it has come in quite handy in the garage--it's waterproof, shockproof, and wireless! Your guy more of a flavor fanatic? My hubby loves his freshly pressed coffee in the mornings and this insulated travel mug keeps his drink toasty from commute to desk. Try a cocktail tool kit and a few mixers for a fun, themed gift.

We're always looking for fun, new date ideas! Tickets to the local movie theater are a great option that you both can enjoy. We also love browsing for new vinyls at our favorite record shop--give a gift certificate in lieu of an LP and make it a date! Then end the night in comfy Christmas pajamas, cozied up by the fire, listening to your new find!


Do you have a go-to gift idea for the men in your life? Are they as hard to shop for as mine? If you've uncovered the secret to figuring out what a guy wants for Christmas, SHARE it in the comments! #TheStruggleIsReal

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