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Beating the Winter Blues

Y'all. It has been a week. I've been trying to wean Lucy off of her pacifier, but she claims she "can't sleep" now without every nap and bedtime is a total fight. Between being cooped up in the house for days on end to beat the cold temps and fighting sleep on the daily, threenager status has officially hit our household. I'm feeling worn down from the constant battle and struggle, so an afternoon outfit shooting with the hubs was definitely in order and these bright springy colors are cheering me right up!

This light blue sweater has been in my closet for a few years now and I always kind of forget about it until I start craving spring. It's not warm enough yet for my lighter options but I just don't feel like wearing heavy, dark sweaters anymore. My favorite part about this sweater is that I scored it for $3...from Gap....*insert praise hands here* One of our local outlets was going out of business, so I scored tons of closeout deals before they left! I love finding deals on staple, quality pieces because I know they'll last!


Any advice for getting a toddler to give up her pacifier? And beating this cabin fever? I'm all ears!


  1. Those phases are hard, consistency is huge. I hope the transition smooths out soon. And those colors look absolutely gorgeous on you. SO pretty!

  2. Looks stylish and comfy! I love the necklace! As for beating cabin fever, try a dance party or "swim" time in the bath tub to help break up your day :)

  3. Love this look!! Like Annette said above, consistency is key, one time of not doing something can totally set you back. As for cabin fever, try to get out as much as possible, blast some music and just dance!! XO ~Anna

  4. I love your distressed white denim! I'm a big fan of distress and don't think i have a pair without distress! Love how you've styled it with the pretty sweater & pop of color bag!

  5. This is such a cute winter to spring transitional outfit!

  6. These cheerful colors are so refreshing.

  7. pretty! I love the soft colors with white.
    thanks for linking1
    jess xx

  8. I remember trying to wean my daughter off her pacifier (we call them dummies in the UK) and it was really hard. She was almost three when we persuaded her to give them to the "dummy fairy" so that santa would bring her big girl presents! I love the soft colours in your outfit, the pink bag is gorgeous!

    Emma xxx


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