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5 Ways to Make Your Home More Welcoming

I don't know about you, but when spring rolls around I want to open all of my windows, clean the house, and have friends over! There's nothing more inviting to me than fresh air and warm weather, so my inner hostess always starts itching to plan another party when the spring season is back in full swing! Today, I've teamed up with Silk Plants Direct to share with you 5 simple tips to make your home more inviting, so you can start hosting your own spring flings!


This is your home's first impression! Make sure you set a good one with a clean entry way and inviting decor. I live in a south facing home, so real plants are not always an option for my front door. I love the quality of this lifelike, silk magnolia wreath from Silk Plants Direct so much that I might never order my fake flowers from anywhere else again! They are a thick, high quality material that looks and feels real. The wreath itself is very sturdy and I just know it will brighten up my front porch for years to come. It's a bit of an investment, but you definitely get what you pay for and I think this purchase is totally worth the splurge!

Flowers are the perfect way to make your front step more inviting, but don't forget to make your interior entry a welcoming area as well! Since our space is pretty small, I like to have an area for shoes and coats that keeps the floor clean and free of clutter. Cozy decor accents provide a welcoming atmosphere, while a large mirror reflects extra light and allows guests to make an last minute adjustments before making their way upstairs.


I absolutely love the way my home feels when there is a warm breeze rolling through it! Nothing feels fresher than a clean house with the windows open, so crank those babies up and let the air flow through! If for some reason you can't open your windows, turn your blinds or draw your curtains to let plenty of light shine in; your guests will feel extra welcome with the natural lighting and warm sunshine!


Candles = cozy and are my absolute favorite way to change the atmosphere in my home without spending a fortune. I recently shared a new candle line I've been loving here and also love the selections available at Bath and Body Works, Yankee Candle, and even Walmart! It's so fun to switch up the scent with the seasons and a warm fragrance will make your guests feel so welcome!


Excessive clutter is extremely UNinviting! Your guests will feel awkward and uncomfortable if they're not sure where to sit or set their glass down. Make sure your living area is straightened and free of too much extra "stuff" before anyone arrives, and set out a few items like magazines and coasters so your guests will feel welcome and certain in your home.


Including multiple textures in your home decor will warm up your space and create comfortable, cozy vibes! I like to mix natural wood elements with soft fur and chunky knits. Sleek white furniture and clean lines are softened by fabric sofas and more faux plant life. Silk Plants Direct also has a large selection of lifelike bouquets, flower arrangements, and even indoor houseplants like fiddle leaf figs and ferns! I can't wait to give my brown thumb a rest and start adding more faux greenery into my home.

I'm so looking forward to breaking in the spring season with some fun little get-togethers! Soon it will be warm enough to BBQ! Who's with me?!

*Thank you to Silk Plants Direct for sponsoring this post!*


  1. Your home is so pretty! And I love that wreath! Magnolias are some of my favorites.

    1. Thank you Savannah! Magnolias are one of my favorites too and this one is so realistic compared to those I’ve found in stores. Such a good investment!

  2. Those are great tips! I definitely agree that clearing out clutter goes a long way toward making your home more inviting - and it doesn't cost anything!

    1. Thanks, Whitney! Good point—homemaking doesn’t have to cost extra!

  3. Hostess I am not...so I am loving all of your amazing tips!! I'm taking notes - especially about clearing clutter. I feel like I am always in a battle with clutter!

  4. All great tips and your home looks lovely! I love your style!


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