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Make Mother's Day Memorable with Trollbeads

*Thank you to Trollbeads for sponsoring this post. All opinions are my own.*

Finding the perfect gift for mom can often be a struggle--are flowers thoughtful enough? What candle scent does she prefer? My mom and mother-in-law could not be more opposite, so this time of year can get a little tricky.  If you're looking for an unforgettable, thoughtful gift that will work for all the mamas in your life, a personalized bracelet from Trollbeads is just what you need!

I don't know about you, but I love giving sentimental gifts, especially to loved ones who mean the world to me. Jewelry has been a go-to gift idea for centuries, but with Trollbeads, you can customize your gift to your unique recipient, making it not only timeless but completely personalized just for her!

I've been wearing my personalized bangle for a couple of weeks now and truly love it! It is so versatile and great quality--my babies love touching the beads and talking about how pretty they are! Did you know each bead has a story and a meaning behind it? It's so fun to have these custom pieces tailored just for me on my arm every day! Here's a breakdown of the beads that make up my own Trollbeads bangle and what they mean for me:

This bangle is the perfect foundation for your collection! It includes a sterling silver bangle, 2 spacers, and a sparkling Feldspar Moonstone bead in Peach Sorbet. The bead is much less "peach" in person; more of a dusty blush color, so keep that in mind when selecting your accompanying beads. Feldspar Moonstone is supposed to promote balance and calm, which any mom knows is a must! The simplicity of this bangle will really show off the colors and patterns in your personal collection and looks chic with any combination of beads. The metal is slightly flexible, too, so it's easy to adjust for your wrist size--be sure to use Trollbeads' size chart to get your perfect fit!

New for 2018, the Mamma Mia! bead is a limited edition bead released just for Mother's Day! I love the vibrant floral pattern and the meaning behind it: "Vibrancy. Dance. Play. And sunshine--from the inside out." I love this because something I strive for as a mom is being positive and fun with my kids! I hope to live a life that shows them the beauty and brightness in the world and this is such a sweet daily reminder of my goals.

What could be more timeless than a cultured, freshwater pearl? It goes with any outfit and is the perfect addition to any color combination. Everyone knows that classy girls wear pearls!

My Trollbeads bracelet is such a sweet daily reminder that being a mother is so much more than just taking care of these babies every day. Motherhood is creating positive daily memories and raising little people to be the good in our world. I just know that if I love mine this much, it's sure to be the sweetest gift for any mom. Shop the exclusive Mother's Day collection HERE!

P.S. Got a fur mama on your list? Check out Trollbeads' collection of animal related beads and charms--they have everything from birds to bears and every pet in between!


  1. That is a beautiful bracelet. Such a wonderful Mother's day bracelet.

  2. What a neat idea! I love the bracelet and the simplicity of how it looks. The pictures of you and your littles is just adorable!

  3. Love the thought of celebrating Mother's day in a unique way. Your kids are so lovely and adorable.


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