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Parker's Taco TWOsday Fiesta!

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Happy Monday! Since Cinco De Mayo is in just a few days, I thought it was perfect timing to share Parker's Taco TWOsday Fiesta with you! We had such a blast chowing down tacos, queso, and all the cupcakes with our favorite little dude! I always DIY as much of my party as I can, but I actually found a lot of affordable banners and items this go around that saved me a ton of time and effort! A full detail breakdown is below:


I always make my invites with Microsoft Word and/or PicMonkey! Feel free to copy this template and make your own! I prefer to print them on photo paper, but cardstock usually works fine, too.


These were made with some old moving boxes we had lying around in our garage. I dusted them off, broke them down, and took a paint brush to them. Easy peasy!


I was originally going to make a basic banner out of scrapbook paper or cardstock, but Hobby Lobby had this cute little Picado banner for around $5 and it's great quality! By the time I purchased all the necessary paper, glue, ribbon, etc. I probably would have spent this much or more, so the pre-made banner won!


I just had to get this tee for my little ladies man! ;) You can find it for $7 here.


How perfect is Lucy's little matching tee?! You can snag it on clearance for less than $4 here. The skirt is from her Puppy Dog Pawty.

Now on to the food!


This little chalkboard menu sign was a Target dollar spot find a few years ago that has been worth every penny. I use it for just about every party and sometimes just for decor! I've linked a similar one above. Find my favorite chalk markers here.


I found these cute pinata donkey plates at Oriental Trading and ordered them with the matching napkins. They were pretty sturdy for paper plates, which is good, since we had lots of dips. The cups were just from the party section at Walmart.


Here is a list of our entire taco bar menu:

Tortillas, whole wheat & flour
Corn Taco Shells
Ground Beef Taco Meat
Cheesy Chicken Taco Meat
Shredded Cheese (Mexican Blend)
Drained Diced Tomatoes
Shredded Lettuce
Sour Cream
Taco Bell Mild Sauce Packets
Tabasco Sauce

Chips & Dips:
Restaurant Style Tortilla Chips
Restaurant Style Salsa
Fresh Guacamole
Queso Blanco

I'm not a guac fan, but my guests were very happy with this find from Aldi! I also decided to try out a jarred queso from the store since I didn't have time to make a homemade recipe. This one from Red Cactus was a hit! I found it in stores at my Walmart, I think it might be local but I've linked it above so you can see the packaging.


This recipe is so easy and yummy! It's 1 can frozen orange juice, a 46oz can of pineapple juice, and a 2ltr of sprite. I added orange wedges for garnish. This did not make enough to fill my 2 gallon dispenser, I think it made about 1 gallon. It's a crowd pleaser, so make sure to double up if you have a large group!


Obviously, very intricate ;) I wanted to save some time and money this time, so I just made simple vanilla cupcakes with cream cheese frosting dyed green and arranged them in a cactus shape! The kids loved it!

Now for my favorite part, the decor!:


Our main decor was the cactus and banners on the wall, but I always like to do a centerpiece as well. For the small cacti, I used scraps of cardboard from the large ones. The flowers were under $1 a bush at Walmart (I used 2 orange and 2 red). Then I propped a felt letter board on my cookbook stand with a sheet of gold glitter cardstock behind it.


My mantel decor is a birthday tradition! Every year, I hang a couple banners from the sides (stocking hooks work great btw) and line up picture frames of their previous birthdays from newborn to the current year so we can see just how much they've grown. I'm going to run out of space and have to invest in a collage frame eventually, but for now this works!


I was able to use up these leftover favor bags from Lucy's party since the bright colors sort of matched the fiesta theme! Each bag contained a few pieces of candy, a stick on mustache, and a pair of maracas. Then I topped it with a tiny plastic sombrero! I made the "gracias" sign through PicMonkey.

I loved celebrating this little guy with a party that was as fun and vibrant as he is! Parker is always keeping us on our toes (good and bad!) and has an endless amount of hugs and snuggles to give. I was so nervous to become a boy mom since it was so out of my territory, but every day I am reminded how God blessed with me with just the amount of crazy love I needed from a sweet and wild little boy. So thankful for my little man!

Who would you throw a fiesta party for? I'm thinking I need to recreate this one for the grown ups with a margarita bar next!



  1. What a precious party! I love the taco theme! I'm sure it was a hit.

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  8. Love all your decorations everything looks fabulous !!!

  9. I love the taco bar! All of the decoration were so cute and I love the cupcake cactus.


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