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Bare Minimum Travel Makeup Routine

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Our weekend at the lake has come to an end and I'm already dreaming of my next couple's only vacation! It's always good to get a little break, even just for a night or two, and does wonders for your marriage! We went away for just 2 nights and spent one full day on the water, so when it came to makeup, I knew I wanted to pack as little as absolutely possible. Here's the breakdown of the items that made the cut:

This blush and highlight duo actually worked as a trio for me! The blush shade in this palette makes a great lid color and the highlight worked as an inner corner highlight as well as allover. No need for a full shadow palette for me! Talk about a space saver!

Okay, truth be told I brought two mascaras and a lash curler with me because I'm extra. Well, actually because my lashes suck, BUT if you only bring one mascara, make it waterproof and make it Lash Paradise! I know the internet's been singing its praises for a while, but it's all for good reason! Seriously, so good!

I just got this beauty in my Macy's Beauty Box and totally love it! It's the perfect warm bronze for summer and has buildable coverage. Plus it claims to be waterproof which may explain why it lasts so long! Bonus: I totally used it as a crease color when doing my eyeshadow on the day of departure--worked like a charm! No eyeshadow palette necessary!

This is my all time favorite foundation. It holds up to sweat, isn't too matte for summer, and lasts all day without a primer--important when trying to pack light! I apply it with my favorite travel beauty blender!

Another Macy's Beauty Box pick that came in clutch! Since this pencil is a trial size, it's on the smaller end and perfect for travel! The formula lasts allll day, so I knew it would hold up under sweat and sun!

Eyeliner is totally optional if you're packing light, but if you really want to whip out that wing, a pencil liner ought to do the trick! This one from L'Oreal actually isn't my favorite, since the ball shaped tip can be difficult to work with, but the formula is amazing and lasts all day without smudges! For lake day, I could make it work!

When I can only choose one lipstick, it's usually a satin finish nude. It's not too matte and not too glossy, goes with every eye look, and doesn't clash with any clothing choices! That's why it was the perfect choice for my bare minimum makeup routine!


BONUS: Since we were spending so much time on the water--drinks in hand--I knew my skin would need a quick refresher, as well. Besides sunscreen, here are a few of the top products I brought with me and why:


I picked this up at Ulta a long time ago and it's my favorite moisturizer to travel with. It's tiny, goes a long way, and isn't too heavy or too light so it works year round! It was just the thing to refresh my face after a night of dinner, drinks, and dancing!


I've talked about this facial mist quite a few times (see my Rose Beauty Favorites and Splurge-Worthy High End Favorites), and you know I don't really consider it a game changer in terms of "results". What I DO love it for, is a refreshing mist when my skin is tired or dull, which it frequently was on the boat! This completely woke up my skin after being whipped around wake after wake. I highly recommend it to toss in your bag if you're planning a long day out in the sun!
Another favorite rose beauty product, this balm is sooo refreshing. It's like a thick, creamy moisturizer that can also be used as a mask if used liberally. I liken it to a body cream for your face and it does wonders for hydrating your complexion in a hurry!


Everyone knows dehydrated skin is dull skin, so this tightening and brightening peel-off mask was the perfect quick fix and felt so luxurious after a long day on the lake!


Do you have a hard time travelling light when it comes to beauty and toiletries? I don't usually downsize my luggage to this degree but it was a nice change not having the stress of all the extra "stuff"!

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