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Parker's Vintage Toddler Room

*Thanks to Lorena Canals for sponsoring this post! All opinions are my own.*

I'm so excited to finally say, "Parker's room is finished!" The poor kid's over 2 years old and just now has a real "theme" to his room! (Second child problems) I knew from the get-go that I wanted to go with a vintage/Americana/antique-y feel, and I think I really nailed all three of those counts! Let's dive into the details:


My main request with this gallery wall was that it was intentionally vintage. By that, I mean, not just odds and ends we found in the flea market, but bits and pieces of our real family history, too! I wanted the history to be real and talked about as Parker grew up. 

Some of my favorite pieces:

 Vintage Paint-by-Number Derby Print // This piece wasn't a family find, but it does have ties! My family lives in Lexington, KY and I spent almost every summer visiting our favorite Bluegrass state, so when we see Derby related things, we buy them!

Vintage Stock Car Race Photographs + Clipping // We found this at an antique mall here in town and just loved that it was a snapshot of local history (it depicts a stock car race here in St Louis). Parker is a vehicle fanatic, so we knew this needed to be part of his wall!

Stuffed Moose Head // Not vintage or particularly special, just cute! Lucy has the stuffed flamingo head on her gallery wall and I just love the way it turns a grown up decor item into a fun, kid-friendly one!

Double Frame Black + White Photos // This is probably my favorite part of the whole wall! On the left of this frame is Preston's grandpa and his sister (Parker's great grandpa and great aunt) water skiing on each other's shoulders! Several generations of his family grew up at Lake of the Ozarks, so water skiing comes before walking for them! On the right, is my favorite photo of my own grandma and grandpa snapped during a charivari! I think my grandma was mortified to be being wheeled through town in a wheelbarrow by my firefighter grandpa, but she was a good sport!

Another fun fact is that the rocking chair in Parker's room actually belonged to my grandpa (the one pushing that wheelbarrow!) and for that reason it's extra special. I wish he could have spent some time rocking Parker in it and telling him stories like he told me.


Okay, about this rug....

It's washable!

Yep, this wild child's got nothing on my washing machine and when he inevitably spills (or smears, spits, drips, drops, or flings) something sticky on it, I can roll it up and toss it in my top loader! How COOL is that? Plus it's made with 100% natural cotton and non-toxic dyes, so I don't have to worry about little hands and faces being close to the floor. Lorena Canals is an actual genius company and I honestly don't know how we've survived without washable rugs all this time. Lucy has one in her room as well, and it's been a dream!

What I really loved most about this rug for Parker's room, was the chalkboard style. It made me think of the old blackboards we used in school growing up and being chosen to "clap the erasers" outside at the end of the day! I didn't want the vintage vibes in his room to feel stuffy, and I think the schoolhouse charm this rug provides is the perfect way to make it all feel a little less man-cave. Also fun, Lorena Canals now has cohesive collections that make room decor totally easy! You can mix and match items from multiple collections or stick to just one theme to get the perfect look. You can shop all the super cute kids room inspiration HERE!

Now on to some of the room's other fun features!


This wall was the first big project we really tackled for his room and I absolutely love the way it turned out! I purchased this 1940's flag on Etsy a long time ago with this vision and it's so exciting to see it finally come to fruition. The basket by his bed adds a little farmhouse flair but makes a great catch-all for stuffed animals. Fun fact, two of those teddy bears were Preston's and mine when we were babies!


This little Pepsi crate turned shelf was Preston's idea and I love how his sexy mind works! He actually found it in his dad's garage and just dusted it off, so it was an easy addition. We decided to keep a baseball theme going for this little shelf; Preston found an antique baseball mitt and included his own replica stadium. I printed off a replica 1930's scorecard and antique photograph of a few Cardinals players to keep that vintage flair, but the Fredbird is a little memento from Parker's first Cardinals game when he was 3 months old! Go Cards!

I'm so thrilled with how Parker's vintage inspired room came out! It's been a long time coming, but it really is all I had pictured and more! I'm so glad to have all this history in one room and not have to worry too much about cleaning up! Below are some of the details (sorry, most of this room isn't exactly shoppable!):


Washable Rug // c/o Lorena Canals
Dresser // Vintage
Rocking Chair // Hand-Me-Down
Metal Lined Basket // TJ Maxx (similar linked)
Gallery Wall Frames & Decor // Various Vintage & TJ Maxx Finds
Faux Moose Head // Hobby Lobby (similar linked)
American Flag // Vintage
Wood Wall // Pergo Flooring (similar linked)
Dresser Decor // Vintage / Hobby Lobby


You can also check out Lucy's Tropical Girl's Room (plus another great Lorena Canals rug!) below:


  1. What a darling nursery! It came together perfectly. I just love that you were thoughtful about the decor and didn't just go buy a ton of random things to fill the space. What a special room.

    1. Thank you, Whitney! It hold a lot of memories!

  2. This is like too nice for a kid! My kids rooms are a mess of toys - esp my daughter. I need to clean it out AND get some more storage! I'm also wondering if her rug is washable...

    1. Ha! Thankfully I chose my antiques wisely and don’t mind if things get a little beat up (adds to that rustic charm). Most rugs are spot clean only so I’m glad Lorena Canals makes theirs machine washable!

  3. wow I love it, it's so nice!! definitely the kind of room I would want for my child!

  4. You totally nailed it - I love the vintage vibes and the wood wall!

    1. Thanks, Amanda! The wood wall was my first idea for his room and I love it so much!


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