October 2018 - Like Honey

The Great Thanksgiving Sweater

I despise turtlenecks, y'all. Like really can't stand them. They look so adorable on other people, but when I wear them I just look like an actual turtle and it honestly makes me a little claustrophobic! But I love the trend and I don't like having a cold neck, so when I saw this darling "mock neck" poncho sweater at JCPenney, I just had to scoop it up! It looks JUST like a pricier LOFT sweater that everyone's obsessing over but I paid less than $20 for mine! You can shop both sweater options down below.

Of course, Lucy had to match me! I found the cutest little wool hat for her at Target and knew she would love it since it looked like mine. Her sweater is also a Target find that I scored on clearance for under $5! I accidentally got her a size too big but it worked out! I love how much she loves to match me and hope she never outgrows it--my mom and I still match a lot since we wear a lot of the same stuff!

This whole look would really be perfect for Thanksgiving, too! The sweater is flowy and forgiving in a flattering way, warm and cozy, and even long enough for leggings if you size up like I did! I love the heather grey color and I know I'll be wearing this one a ton this fall and winter.

Do you know what you're wearing for Thanksgiving yet? What would you wear to the pumpkin patch?


The Ultimate Holiday Bucket List

Everyone has that annual fall bucket list full of cider sippin', tailgatin', pumpkin patchin' fun and of course we'll be ticking a few of those off of our list as well, but this year I wanted to make a holiday specific bucket list; a bucket list that focuses on all those holiday traditions that only come once a year and can be so easy to miss out on or overlook in the chaos and busyness of it all. 

Let me expand on a few of the more interesting traditions on our list:


I don't really know why this is a tradition, it just is! My mom always made Chili and Grilled Cheese on Halloween night! It's a crockpot meal that's warm and cozy on a cold October night and easy to have ready after a long night of trick or treating, so I guess it just caught on! My mom still makes it for my siblings and now I make it for our family, too!


I'm sure most people do this every year without considering it a true "tradition", but I always like to make sure I don't miss it because it means a little more to me. My late grandpa, Poppy, always turned on the Macy's parade while my mom, grandma, and I started working on dinner. I still miss him 5 years later and switching on that Macy's parade (and subsequently Charlie Brown) will always make me think of him.


This one's a new one for me, but who doesn't love slow dancing? We've got the sweetest vintage record player and are slowly building up a decent collection of Christmas LPs so what could be more fun than to end a night of tree decorating floating around with my favorite guy!


Our family always (and I mean always) got to pick a yearly ornament: one for the whole family and one for each kid that usually related to something they were into that year. I love looking back on those ornaments and remembering each year of my childhood and can't wait to have the same, sweet walk down memory lane as we decorate the tree each year as a family of our own.


Obviously, the birth of Jesus is the reason we celebrate Christmas in the first place! Baking a birthday cake for Him is such a simple way to really remember why we're celebrating and it's simple enough that the kids can understand it (and even join in on the baking or decorating)! I started this tradition up a few years ago for my nephew and then recently found out that my grandma used to do the same thing for years! That makes me enjoy this tradition even more.

Do you do any of these things during the holidays? Feel free to download this list and add your own traditions, or start a new one! What's your favorite holiday tradition that you never miss? Let me know in the comments!


The Retro Mini Skirt

Y'all know how much I love everything vintage, so when I saw that fabrics like corduroy and suede were coming back I had to hop on board! I'm also really into the multi-stripe sweater trend, particularly these ribbed knits and tighter fits. I just had to pair these two together for a fun, retro look and I love the 70's/90's vibes this whole outfit gives off! My sweater is completely sold out, but I've linked several other super affordable options below along with my exact skirt + a few others! The skirt runs mostly TTS but if you're in between I would size up. I went with a large and I'm glad I did because I can tuck in thicker sweaters than I would have been able to in my usual medium.


Not fashion related: Have you tried Scooter's coffee? They're a drive-thru only coffee shop with lots of amazing flavors, including a "Candy Bar" menu where you can ask for any candy bar you can think of and they make your drink taste like that bar! This isn't sponsored, by the way, I just love Scooter's! Their prices are great, too, and the service is always friendly and speedy so if you're looking to support a new local coffee shop, find your local Scooter's franchise here and give it a try! If you sign up for their email list you even get a free drink (+ a freebie on your birthday, too)! I got a milky way coffee this time and it was the perfect mix of mocha and caramel! My favorites are Heath Bar and Kit Kat.

Back to the outfit: Can we talk about these cute buttons? I think that detail is just so fun and makes this skirt so different! I'm working on a round up of different ways to wear this burgundy mini skirt for fall and winter so you can really rock the trend in multiple ways! Let me know if you'd be interested in that post or tell me how you would style it in the comments!


PIXI Beauty Liquid Lips

I recently received the prettiest PR package from PIXI and since I've raved about these lippies before, I thought I would whip up a quick blog post with some swatches and try ons for y'all! There are 6 new shades to the Matte Last Liquid Lip collection and they are so fun and bright!

So, a quick review: these lip colors are super pigmented so you only need a light layer to get a full payoff. The formula is pretty thin, but dries relatively quickly--be warned, the darker colors seem to dry extremely fast and are hard to touch up/remove since they dry so matte. Color will come off on your coffee no matter how long you leave it to dry, but amazingly these don't seem to fade too badly on the lips! If you have any dry or flaky spots on your lips, you'll definitely want to exfoliate before applying as these do seem to stick to those places and make them worse, but I haven't had any trouble with the formula drying my lips out on their own. The rosehip oil gives these colors a sweet scent that's not overpowering and keeps your lips feeling smooth all day even with a matte finish! I love how easy these are to apply, too.

At $14, these are a little on the pricier end for a drugstore brand, but most of PIXI's products are a little pricier and I often see deals at Target like the FREE $5 Gift Card with a $15 Beauty or Cosmetics Purchase they're offering right now! I do think you get what you pay for with PIXI products, though, and think a few of these colors are totally worth the few dollars more compared to other drugstore brands!

Have you tried any PIXI products? Which of these lip colors is your favorite?

Fall Fun at Eckert's Millstadt

Y'all know we LOVE our local orchard, Eckert's, and of course any kind of pumpkin patch! We recently had the opportunity to check out their Millstadt Fun Farm for the first time and the kids had the MOST fun! A week later and Lucy is still telling everyone she sees "I went to the pumpkin patch and rode a camel!" I mean, what could be more memorable?! Let me show you a little peek at our fun day there:

First we had to hit the apple orchard! The Eckert's employees are always friendly and helpful, but they really went above and beyond this time! They had samples of the apples available for picking so we could pick our favorite kind (in LOVE with Evercrisp now, btw) and even had helpful tips for which apples were best for baking, eating, etc! It made heading into a huge orchard with multiple choices a lot less overwhelming and allowed us to pick with certainty--and enjoy the process a lot more!

Then it was off to pick our own pumpkins! The patch was way bigger than I expected and full of great quality pumpkins--big and small! We, of course, had to get at least one giant pumpkin (okay, maybe two). Thankful for my handsome pumpkin hauler who handled The Great Pumpkin so I didn't have to get my new sweater dirty ;)

Time for some fun! By FAR, the highlight of this trip was that darn camel ride! We've always been fans of the pony ride at Eckert's but since my kids have been on an Aladdin kick, the prospect of a camel ride was just too enticing and they both had an absolute blast! I thought for sure the height would scare them off, but they both sat atop that gentle giant like they'd done it a thousand times! Lucy is still talking about it a week later so you know it was a good time! The coolest part about Eckert's Millstadt location is that your admission covers almost all of the attractions--as many carnival rides as you can handle + tons of fun play sets and activities! Stay all day and play, then enjoy a snack of kettle corn and fresh apple cider at the Country Store (or grab some BBQ from one of their food stands)--it'll be a worthwhile weekend, and totally within your budget!

I mean, how cute are these little market stands of pumpkins and mums galore! The whole place is just made for photo opps (there are several official ones, too)! Lucy really liked all of the "just-her-size" pumpkins and gourds. Parker was really just partial to running and seeing ALL the things!

If you haven't seen my Eckert's Belleville location posts you can check them out below, plus see our adventures at Eckert's new Boyd's Orchard in Versailles KY! We love our usual Belleville location for it's large country store and family restaurant, but the Millstadt farm was a fun new experience we can't wait to enjoy again! It's definitely a great choice if you've got kids in tow that want a full day of nonstop play! Which Eckert's location is your family's favorite?? You still have another week to take advantage of all the fall festivities!

*Thank you to Eckert's for hosting us at their Millstadt farm!*




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