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Our Calming Toddler Bedtime Routine

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Having two under two was no small task. Now, having two toddlers is a wild ride, and I'm often asked "How do you keep up?!". Well, having a solid bed time routine is definitely one place to start--a well-rested toddler is a happy toddler, and what mom doesn't love to get a full night of uninterrupted sleep?! I think it's safe to say we've perfected our routine thanks to a few favorite books and the new, even gentler, formula of JOHNSON'S® Bedtime Wash & Lotion!

The bedtime routine doesn't have to just be mom giving marching orders! Get the kids involved in the prep by finding their favorite bedtime stories, picking out cute towels, and letting them help you shop for some calming toiletries! We've revamped our routine with JOHNSON'S® new line of bedtime products and the kids have never been more excited for our Target run! They loved getting to pick out a special bath time treat: JOHNSON'S® Bedtime Bubble Bath! They get a treat, and I get the satisfaction of happy kids while shopping, not to mention the great sleep we'll all be getting later on!

Click the image below to shop all of the products in our routine, all available at Target!

Once dinnertime is through, we head to the tub! While they're releasing any last wiggles splashing in their bubble bath, I'm scrubbing them down with JOHNSON'S® Bedtime Moisture Wash. All of JOHNSON'S® formulas have been improved inside & out to reflect their high standards for gentle. Now made with no parabens, no phthalates, and 50% fewer ingredients, JOHNSON'S® hypoallergenic products are easy on skin and easy to use thanks to the improved pump feature! When I'm wrangling one child and washing another, this definitely comes in handy! The best part is, they don't even realize the NaturalCalm® Aromas are helping prepare their little bodies for longer and fuller sleep, right down to the bubbles in their bath!

Tub time is over and it's time for jammies! Before I bundle them up, I like to rub them down with JOHNSON'S® Bedtime Lotion. They get a double dose of the same good stuff I mentioned above, plus a relaxing massage to help really wind them down and get them ready to be still! 

Once we're all dressed, there's one more task to our bedtime routine: a bedtime story! The kids have quite a few nighttime favorites that we cycle through. I like to choose a bedtime related book before they hit the hay; it seems to put them in a sleepy perspective!

One toddler is busy enough, so winding down two of them can be quite a task! We love JOHNSON'S® line of soothing bedtime products and their new gentle formula is an exciting change for our sensitive skin prone babes!

Are you struggling to find a good routine for your toddler? Have you tried JOHNSON'S® new and improved products?


  1. Johnsons lotion is def part of our bedtime routine too (I even use it). Our bedtime issue is snacks... the kids both wants snacks before bed! Drives me crazy.

  2. I love that Johnson's lotion! We've been using it since my toddler was a baby. He even knows to grab it when we're walking from his bath to his changing table. 😀

  3. Nice post, will share it among my friends with kids x

  4. I don't have kids but I love a good bedtime routine! I bet these products smell amazing.....I love incorporating relaxing scents before bed.

  5. Yes times a million for this amazing bedtime routine and goodies to make it happen! I used the lotion for all three of mine!


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