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Simplistic Holiday Party Look

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Holiday parties are one of the most exciting parts of the holiday season! Who doesn't want to share the joy of the season with their friends and family?! As much as I love to get dressed to the nines, there are times and places where the extra bits and baubles are just too much and get in the way, especially if it's an occasion where I'll be taking my kids. Sometimes, simple is just better, and that's really what I love about this pearl embellished dress! Did I mention that it's only FIFTEEN dollars?! You really can't beat that!

I think this is just one of those outfits that kind of puts itself together, saving me time and effort! The pearl embellishment really takes the place of jewelry so my job is super easy, needing just a classic heel and a festive earring to complete the look. I went for classic green and red, but this dress works all winter long with any neutral heel. Add black tights and black heels for a more monochromatic look that's both warm and slimming, or toss on a cute jacket and little booties to dress it down. However you choose to style it, this $15 dress can take you a long way without having to spend a lot! It also comes in black, and I've linked a similar dress with pearls on the skirt instead of the bust that comes in a couple different colors as well!


Do you have a favorite color scheme for holiday party outfits? Are you a classic girl or do you prefer to branch out with your holiday hues?


  1. The red and green is so festive and definitely a perfect holiday look. I love your red heels! I have a pair and wear them all the time this year. It's a fun little pop of color!

  2. I love the pearl embellishments on dress and how you styled it with red heels!


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