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Classic Stripes & Leopard

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If you're ever afraid of the pattern mixing trend, just go for classic black and white stripes + a pattern of your choice. I swear, it works with just about anything: leopard, plaid, polka dots, colorful patterns, and more! Today I went with my tried and true leopard scarf because there's just nothing easier than black and white mixed with leopard!


This is one of those outfits I keep in my arsenal for effortless casual style in a hurry. When I don't have time to think up an outfit or just don't want to look frumpy while running errands, this is my go-to! What do you reach for when you're racing out the door?


  1. LOVE this combo! Leopard and stripes are such a great pair.

  2. Absolutely one of my most repeated outfits. You can't go wrong with a leopard and stripes combo!

    Virginia | More to Mrs. E

  3. This is the best combo in my opinion! Stripes are my favorite print and the leopard is perfect complement to it. Love this look!

    Maureen |


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