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5 Magazines That Are Worth The Subscription

While everyone else is wearing their blue light blocking glasses, surfing their Kindle for the latest reads, I still prefer the experience that comes with turning the page of a sleek new magazine, fresh out of the mail! Besides the fact that snail mail is oh so fun to receive, here are a few of my favorite magazines I've subscribed to and why I think they're worth the cost (spoiler: I found a way to score them WAY cheaper than buying each issue at the drugstore):


I subscribed to Country Living a couple of years ago on a whim, thinking it might be too "country" or farm related, but that couldn't be further from the truth! A couple of my favorite recurring features are "What is it? What's it worth?" where readers submit unique and interesting heirlooms or thrift store finds and appraisers give a little info on what the item is and it's value and "Turn this scene into a room" where a beautiful landscape photo is the inspiration for a room makeover! I always find farmhouse and cottage decor inspiration in Country Living, but they also share a lot of unique road trip stops, household tips, pet care information, and recipes, all with a bit of vintage flair. This is probably my number one favorite magazine that I subscribe to and I will never not renew my subscription with them!


A magazine that has stood the test of time for a good reason! The very first issue was released in 1922! Most of us have picked up a BHG magazine here or there, but I love getting a new issue every month! From home and craft DIYs, gardening tips and tricks, and even a little bit of beauty/fashion, I always learn something new and look forward to getting the next one in the mail! P.S. you can get a FREE 1-year subscription to Better Homes & Gardens when you purchase a household item from their Walmart line! I believe it's only included in products over a certain price range ($20-25 I believe, but don't quote me!). I got a free year when I purchased our first dinnerware set (it's held up great and I still love it!) and have been subscribing ever since!


Southern Living is the ultimate guide for any southern belle! It's full of classic, southern hospitality tips, delicious recipes, party hosting tips, travel guides to the best southern cities, and even some timeless fashion and beauty tips. I don't always find the information in Southern Living to be completely practical (not my go-to for usual weeknight meals for example), but it's more of an inspiration read for me so I enjoy receiving it every month.


I promise, my love for Ree Drummond isn't the only reason I love her magazine! She always shares the best little gift guides, gorgeous and interesting homes, and of course LOTS of easy, delicious recipes! Since issues come quarterly, you can always expect to see some great seasonal content, too.


Last but not least, is Good Housekeeping! Everyone knows about the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval and I love their yearly awards issue, but they actually feature GH Seal products in every issue, every month! I love the thorough reviews on everything from household cleaners to lipstick. They also feature quite a bit of style and fashion content, which I appreciate after ditching true fashion magazines for good (too much agenda pushing and immoral content these days)!

Subscribing to magazines has always been a more cost-effective choice than buying individual issues at the stand, but I actually never spend full price on magazine subscriptions, ever! Two of my favorite sites to purchase discounted subscriptions are Groupon (referral link) and Discount Mags. Discount Mags has The Pioneer Woman Magazine for 20% off the regular price, a great deal for a relatively new and exclusive subscription, and most of the magazines on Groupon are only $4-5 a year! That's like buying just one issue at the store! I don't get to spend money on things like getting my nails done or hair colored regularly, but for only a few dollars a year I can easily treat myself without feeling guilty!

Do you subscribe to any magazines? Do you prefer paper copies or digital subscriptions? I'm paper all the way!

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