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Easy Do-It-Yourself Everyday Wreath

There's nothing more inviting than a beautiful wreath on your front door! I have a wreath for just about every season, but I realized recently that I was looking at a blank front door in between holidays and that's just unacceptable. I wanted something that would work in spring or fall, so plain greenery seemed to be the safest bet!

What All Do I Need?


Unfortunately for us, the sun beats down on our front door for the majority of the day, so many of my homemade wreaths have fallen apart under the heat and my store bought wreaths see a lot of sun-bleaching and discoloring over time. This boxwood wreath was a TJ Maxx find under $20, which is perfect since I have to replace my wreaths more often than most! I wanted plain, but not this plain, so I opted for a simple striped ribbon that matched the door!

How Do You Hang It?

This ribbon is from Hobby Lobby (in the fabric section) and I just wrapped a long piece around the top section of my wreath, using my existing metal wreath hanger to measure the length based on where I wanted the wreath to rest on the front of the door.

Pro Tip: Use an upside down command hook on the back of your door as your anchor and then "measure" your ribbon length from there! I chose a clear hook that holds up to 5 lbs and it's working great so far. If you have a steel door or glass window in your door, you can use a magnetic wreath hanger set to hold any wreath, including this one! I linked a couple of options at the beginning and end of this post with all the other necessary supplies.

What If My Wreath Is In The Sun?

For the bow, I simply used the remaining bit of ribbon on my roll and tied it into a classic bow. For now I did hot glue the bow to the wreath ribbon, but if the sun proves too hot to hold up, I'll have to sew them together or use a staple/pin of some kind. To hopefully avoid sun damage and bleaching, I sprayed my finished product with a generous coat of clear UV spray paint. I'm hoping I can just reapply a coat every season and be able to keep my wreaths looking fresh for much longer! I'll report back after a few months and let you know if it holds up!

So that's all! Such a SIMPLE little DIY project that only took me a few minutes and costs so much less than most of the fancy, premade wreaths in stores! You can definitely customize this further by using seasonal ribbon, adding a few flowers, or even a monogram (which might be next on my list)! The options are really endless!



From Retro to Rustic: Our 70's Farmhouse Table Makeover + Dining Room REVEAL!

I'm so excited I can FINALLY share my dining room with you all! It's been a long time coming and I couldn't be happier with the results! Since I know some of you have been asking about the details, let me jump right into them:


Things were a little ugly for a while around here...I wish I had a good before photo of the seats in those chairs (you can see them a little in the first photo above). The whole set was a Craigslist find from a few years ago that was in excellent shape for it's age, but unfortunately also very yellow. Y'all know I love a pop of yellow in my home decor but this was on another level and looked more like the yellowing 40 years of cigarette smoke leaves behind. I fell in love with the design on the base, the original caning, and the beautiful solid wood tabletop, not to mention the fact that with both leaves attached, this table is over 8 feet long! The ability to host large get-togethers is so important to me!

This set has a pretty heavy base with an intricate design, so sanding was pretty rough (no pun intended). Our best friend during this whole ordeal was without a doubt this paint sprayer! We got it on sale around Black Friday when we remodeled our kitchen cabinets (more on that later!) but as much as we've used it and as handy as it has become, I would completely pay full price for it. You have no idea how handy the sprayer was when it came to that caning!! If you're looking into painting your cabinets or doing a larger paint project, I highly recommend investing in a paint sprayer. You will never look at a furniture remodel the same way again!

We used a random white paint we had lying around in the basement, but we did use a good bonding primer to help the paint adhere since we knew there was no way we'd be able to sand every nook and cranny perfectly. I think it really helped and on my next project I wont worry about the sanding quite as much as I used to!

Are you ready for the big reveal??


So. Much. Better. I like to think of my decor style as a cross between farmhouse, french cottage, and traditional. I knew the white paint would really brighten up the whole room and breath new life into this beautiful dining set. I chose not to make any changes to the table top since it's in wonderful shape and has such a stunning wood grain design.

As you can see, we also reupholstered the seat cushions. The original foam pad was completely disintegrated inside the old, crusty golden velour that once adorned them, so it was obviously time to go. I had an idea of what I wanted on these seats, but when I walked through the upholstery aisles of Hobby Lobby, this simple taupe microsuede material really caught my eye. I loved how soft and supple it felt and how it added some dimension to the white chairs while still keeping with my neutral theme. Keeping the table and seats neutral means I can change the rest of my decor at will which is important to this holiday-obsessed gal.

Now let's get on to the rest of the decor in here.


Two of my favorite elements in my dining room are the giant round tobacco basket and the rustic metal barn lights! Both were FREE to me which shows just how much thrifting and junking can turn into treasure hunting. My father-in-law is a contractor, so he will often come home with random pieces "gifted" to him by grateful clients. This tobacco basket was one of those items and I had absolutely no idea what I was going to do with it when I saw it in his basement, but I just knew I had to have it. Thanks, David! The light fixture was a find from my grandma's church yard sale a few years ago. It hadn't sold and was on the curb for donation when I spotted it. My grandma snagged it for me and Preston and I hauled it home, having no idea if it would fit our space or even work! Sometimes you just have to take the risk and TRY something to really see how it will turn out.

Once I had those two "anchor" pieces, the rest of the decor was simple. These are just cheap Walmart frames (eventually I'll upgrade to something a little more sturdy) but I like how they seem to finalize the sort of gallery wall I've made here and add a little symmetry. As for the tabletop, it's always changing! I swap out the table runner on wash days and sometimes don't use it at all (life with kids). The centerpiece is ever-changing, too, to fit holiday themes and depending on my mood! I love having fresh flowers in the house, but find faux ones much more cost-effective. Hobby Lobby has lots of realistic stems and bushes to choose from, like the magnolias and billy balls in my current set up. You can see more about the wooden trivet in this post.

I think the most important thing I learned throughout this remodel--and all the home improvements over the past year--is to stay flexible! Sometimes you have a picture of how something is going to look in your head but then find a great sale or another fabulous find and your original plans may have to change. Don't feel like you have to change everything all at once, either, or you could end up stuck with something you settled for when you were desperate to call the remodel done.

As you can see from the lack of trim, our house is far from finished and that's okay! I've enjoyed cultivating a space that encompasses my unique design style and grows along with us! Enjoy the journey, y'all!


Dining Table Set // Vintage

Paint Sprayer // Amazon

Paint + Primer // Lowe's

Seat Fabric // Hobby Lobby

Table Runner // Target

Trivet // Target (similar)

Vase // Bed Bath & Beyond (similar)

Flowers // Hobby Lobby

Curtains // TJ Maxx

Tobacco Basket // Vintage

Frames // Walmart (multipack, here) -- Photos by JLD Photography

Light Fixture // Thrifted



4 Straw Accessories You Need In Your Closet This Spring

*This post contains affiliate links. Your support is what makes Like Honey possible--Thank You!*

Straw bags are everywhere and they've been popping up this time of year for years! Straw bags are one of the most timeless accessories for spring and summer and SO versatile--they literally go with everything! But this year, it's not just about the bag! While I've gathered a few gorgeous and affordable basket bags for you to tote, I've also rounded up 3 other straw accessories your closet needs for spring and summer! Trust me, you'll wear them with everything.





Circle Straw Crossbody (similar) // Sunglasses // Straw Hat // Circle Earrings // Wedges

Straw hats have been around for hundreds of years, of course, but I love how trendy hats have become in general! I recently added this beauty to my collection and while I know it was a little pricey, the vintage charm and timeless trend justified my need. I also picked up these lightweight straw-thread earrings a while back for our upcoming vacation and have already worn them a few times! The white goes with everything and it really feels like you're wearing nothing!

Of course, straw/jute shoes aren't really a new thing either. Espadrilles always pop back in stores this time of year, but I don't always see them in styles I love. Thankfully, I found several this year that look similar to my jute wrapped wedges I still love!

Wicker, rattan, straw--whatever you call it, it's definitely here to stay! I just love the texture it gives to a breezy summer outfit, while being neutral in color and not too heavy! It really adds a little something to a basic sundress! Which of these straw styles is your favorite trend to try? Do you have a timeless accessory you don't see going out of style any time soon?

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