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Easy Do-It-Yourself Everyday Wreath

There's nothing more inviting than a beautiful wreath on your front door! I have a wreath for just about every season, but I realized recently that I was looking at a blank front door in between holidays and that's just unacceptable. I wanted something that would work in spring or fall, so plain greenery seemed to be the safest bet!

What All Do I Need?


Unfortunately for us, the sun beats down on our front door for the majority of the day, so many of my homemade wreaths have fallen apart under the heat and my store bought wreaths see a lot of sun-bleaching and discoloring over time. This boxwood wreath was a TJ Maxx find under $20, which is perfect since I have to replace my wreaths more often than most! I wanted plain, but not this plain, so I opted for a simple striped ribbon that matched the door!

How Do You Hang It?

This ribbon is from Hobby Lobby (in the fabric section) and I just wrapped a long piece around the top section of my wreath, using my existing metal wreath hanger to measure the length based on where I wanted the wreath to rest on the front of the door.

Pro Tip: Use an upside down command hook on the back of your door as your anchor and then "measure" your ribbon length from there! I chose a clear hook that holds up to 5 lbs and it's working great so far. If you have a steel door or glass window in your door, you can use a magnetic wreath hanger set to hold any wreath, including this one! I linked a couple of options at the beginning and end of this post with all the other necessary supplies.

What If My Wreath Is In The Sun?

For the bow, I simply used the remaining bit of ribbon on my roll and tied it into a classic bow. For now I did hot glue the bow to the wreath ribbon, but if the sun proves too hot to hold up, I'll have to sew them together or use a staple/pin of some kind. To hopefully avoid sun damage and bleaching, I sprayed my finished product with a generous coat of clear UV spray paint. I'm hoping I can just reapply a coat every season and be able to keep my wreaths looking fresh for much longer! I'll report back after a few months and let you know if it holds up!

So that's all! Such a SIMPLE little DIY project that only took me a few minutes and costs so much less than most of the fancy, premade wreaths in stores! You can definitely customize this further by using seasonal ribbon, adding a few flowers, or even a monogram (which might be next on my list)! The options are really endless!


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