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How to Be a Happy Mom

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Y'all. I can't think of an outfit that completely sums up my personality any more than this one! It's a little retro and a lot of bright--oh, and "happy"! I am generally always a pretty happy person, but I can be easily frustrated (type A, all day), especially with my kids. I feel like that's something most of us stay-at-home moms struggle with. It's so easy to get stuck in a rut with the daily tasks. When you work outside the home, you see new people and new sights and when you come home, you can clock out of your day job. As a stay-at-home mom, home IS my day job. I don't ever get a break or a change of pace, so it's easy to get frustrated over little things or get too focused on tasks and chores.


"Your kids don't need a perfect mom, they need a happy one."

As I write this, my husband is slaving away trying to fix my clogged kitchen sink. It's raining. The kids are fussy because they want to "help" daddy and I am trying to keep them out of his way. Preston leaves for an overnight work trip today and won't be home until Friday night. It's not the happiest circumstances around here, obviously. But today, despite the (admittedly, first world) struggles, I'm going to focus on being that happy mom my kids need. I'm going to wrap myself in God's word, remind myself that He is in control and ask for His grace and strength to swallow my frustration when I want to throw in the towel. All of our joy comes from Christ and I have a LOT to be joyful for! If you're having a rough day (or week, month, year), let this be your reminder to choose JOY. Be slow to anger and focus on all the good things God has put into your life!

This outfit is a reminder of what I want my personality to look like to others: bright and happy! Even when my attitude needs a little check, I know that I have so much to be joyful for and I'm working on becoming the happy mom I know I am inside, putting those frustrations at the feet of Christ and letting His grace shape the way I raise my kids.

Have you ever thought about how others would describe your personality? Think about the changes that you need to make to exude the attitude you want to be remembered for, and choose joy!


  1. Thank you for this post. Being a stay at home mom too (4 boys here but 3 go to school), I understand the struggle to be a happy mom sometimes. My new blog has helped give me a fun outlet and purpose this past month or two and trying to be outdoors also helps my mood! And being happy is also a decision!

    1. It's definitely a struggle I think most of us can relate to! So exciting that you started a blog also! It's great to have a creative outlet and keep from being idle! Happiness is always a decision, albeit not always an easy one!

  2. Joy and Happy are the two best words anyone can choose to describe someone and I can tell they both suit you, Mariah. Such a happy red+white outfit. Love the darling skirt and the fun barrettes! =)

    Welcome by and join the latest Thursday Moda this week and every week. Miss you over on the blog. I ALWAYS LOVE YOUR STYLE, MAMA!! <3 Also, on my post today I am asking my readers a question about a pair of pants I am wearing. Love to see what you think!!

    1. Looks like we both hopped on that coral trend! Thanks for your sweet words, Ada!


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