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3 Grab & Go Beauty Products I Never Leave Home Without

We don't spend too many full days out and about anymore, but you never know when you might be out a little longer than expected, or in conditions you weren't prepared for! I don't pack an entire beauty kit in my purse like I once did, but I do always reach for the same few items and never leave home without them!


Packing a lip product that works double time as hydration and color is a game changer! Ever since I received these Neutrogena glosses in a PR package, I've been wearing them nonstop! I love wearing them over lipstick but they're bold enough to wear on their own and not too sticky! I also love this tinted SPF balm I recently picked up for the summer months.


I always like to keep a little fragrance on hand in case I need a refresher. You never know when you might get caught in a puff of cigarette smoke or smell funny after leaving a restaurant--yuck! A fragrance rollerball or trial size mini is the perfect size for popping in your bag. If you're not committed to one scent, head to your local Sephora and ask for some free perfume samples! They're completely free, tiny little spritzers in any fragrance you like and they're SO perfect for travel! You can also opt for select perfume samples in your free sample selection when placing an order at both Sephora and Ulta.


No one likes having dry hands and those public restroom soap dispensers do nothing for hydration. I always reach for a good hand cream after washing my hands, at home and on the go, so I never leave home without a remedy! When out in public, I use Germ-X a lot, too, so it's always nice to have a little moisturizer ready to layer on over that drying antiseptic!

What beauty products do you always keep in your purse? Do you have any holy grail items you can't leave home without?

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