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2019 Holiday Gift Guide: For Him

It's that time of year again, y'all! Whether you're shopping for your husband, father, grandpa, brother, or any other male influence in your life, I've got a gift in every price point for every guy on your list!


Clearly not everyone on your list is going to receive a gift in the $50 and up range, but for those special loved ones that really deserve something special, here are a few ideas that my own husband has and/or wants! Pro Tip: partner with a sibling or other family member to chip in on a larger gift together! Knowing you were all in on it together will make the gift that much more special.


In my Instagram stories poll, this was the most popular price point for gifting! I agree, anything from $20 to $40 is usually a really nice gift without breaking the bank, and leaves wiggle room for those nicer stocking stuffers or for a splurge gift for a loved one.


Here we have gifts ranging from $20 to as low as $6! Some of these will make perfect stocking stuffers!

Are you shopping for any guys this year? Do you have a go-to gift that always wins over the men? I find that a gift card to their favorite restaurant usually works, plus means a date night for me if it's for my husband!

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