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New Fall Makeup Under $25

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I'm so excited to be back in the beauty game now that we're unpacked in the new house and finding our new "normal"! If you haven't been following along on Instagram, head on over and keep up with us as we renovate a 120 year old 3 story home!

Anyway! It's been a minute since I got to focus on buying new makeup and I couldn't wait to share a few new seasonal picks with you all, all of them $20 or less! Y'all know I always stick to that budget!

Let's just dive right in to these new finds!

I had no intentions of purchasing a palette, truly, but when I saw this while picking up a few staples, I just had to have it! I love how the top row is all staples I can use daily for fall (and all year, really!) while the bottom row gives me a few bold choices like emerald green and a deep matte black that's just begging for a smokey eye! I always want to try interesting colors like that so it's nice to have the variety added to a palette that's more versatile for my daily use.

The formula of these shadows is sooo much better than the original Makeup Revolution. I guess that's why they're calling this line Revolution PRO--it does feel more professional quality! The prices did go up from the original line to reflect the added quality, but it's still extremely affordable for a palette and the shadows are all decently sized. The only shade I don't love is that lavender glitzy shade in the far right, bottom row. It had quite a bit of fallout in the initial swatch and was very chunky with glitter, which I'm not a huge fan of on the eyes. Every other shade swatched beautifully and they apply very smooth and blend evenly. I haven't noticed much creasing throughout the day, either! All in all, I would definitely recommend checking out the Revolution PRO line for yourself! They have several other palettes, as well as a whole range of products, a few of which I'm reviewing in this post!

I couldn't have a fall beauty roundup and include less than a handful of lip products, could I?! I love finding new lip colors for new seasons and this time I feel like I've got a good mix of shade ranges + finishes to share. First up, the Revolution PRO satin matte lipstick in the shade "Cashmere". Yet another Revolution PRO product I can get behind, it's a beautifully smooth everyday lipstick that holds up to food, drink, and daily wear well. The finish is truly a satin matte--not so matte that it dries and cracks, but not so satin that it shines. I am loving the shade for casual days and neutral looks.

Next up, the Maybelline SuperStay Ink Crayon in the shade "Live On The Edge". It's very similar to my usual favorite fall shade, a darker berry mauve. It's not too vampy to wear to church but still gives my lips a bit of oomph. It does dry very matte and lasts all day, but is not smudge-proof. If you have dry lips, give this one a pass--it does show lines and cracks after a few hours. Their shade range is fairly wide, so I might have to give another one a try. I like the formula when I want something long wearing that won't have to be completely scrubbed off at the end of the day.

Finally, I'm excited to finally own a Buxom product! Their lip plumping gloss has been on my wishlist forever and when I found this Buxom Va-Va Plump Shiny Liquid Lipstick in shade "Honey Do" at Marshall's a while back I thought it was the perfect opportunity to give the brand a spin. The plumping effect is definitely there but of course only lasts a little while. The color is a warm nude that's perfect for autumn and the finish is definitely shiny! I like that it goes on like a very pigmented gloss, but it does have a bit more staying power. Definitely not smudge-proof but I didn't find myself reapplying all day like I do with true glosses (which makes sense, because this is a lipstick...). I highly recommend shopping your local TJ Maxx or Marshall's for high end beauty products--this is normally $20, which isn't that bad, but I paid only $6.99! I like that it gives me the chance to try out new brands or trendy one-off products that I might not have purchased at full price without a trial run. I'll definitely be adding a Buxom lip gloss to my next beauty run!

I've been on the hunt for a neutral toned bronzer and cooler toned light blush for fall and finally found them! The Revolution PRO duos come in several shades, this being the darkest option and I find it to be the best for true contouring (not bronzing all over). It's a little dark, so you'll want to be light handed. The highlight that comes with it is really nice, too. It's well pigmented albeit a bit glitzy, so if you're looking for a subtle glow maybe skip this one. I personally don't mind it as long as I don't go overboard, and it makes a great inner eye/brow highlight! As for the blush, it's the perfect shade for fall--not too cool, not too dark, not too warm, not too light--exactly what I was looking for! I find you can rarely go wrong with Revlon products and this one is no exception.


These are some of my favorite nail polishes! I've had Romantique and Raven Red for a few years now and sometime last year the Revlon polishes disappeared from all of my local stores! I suddenly saw them back in stock again recently and was able to repurchase Romantique (the perfect year round light mauve, and only polish I've ever finished a whole bottle of!) as well as a new favorite called Totally Toffee! It's the perfect cross between a rust orange and warm brown, making it perfect for the autumn season! The formula is so-so, but with a good top coat I find it lasts just as well as the higher end polishes for a fraction of the cost.


After a huge makeup purge over the summer, it was nice to try out some new things in a new season! Do you have a favorite beauty product for fall? Leave a comment sharing the details and tell me which of the products I shared today sounds like your favorite!

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