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Cookie Butter Truffles

Christmastime calls for decadent desserts, but I don't always have the time to whip up a fantastic display of treats in a hurry. These cookie butter truffles are rich, melt-in-your-mouth deliciousness and so simple to make! They only take 4 ingredients and come together in just a few minutes (not including fridge time), so your last minute party snack can be a breeze! Download or pin the recipe card below:

Click the image below to download the printable recipe!

I decided to be fancy and went for the holly sprinkles for this batch, but was soon filled with regret--these little things took forever to place oh-so-carefully on each little truffle before the chocolate melt set. I think I made maybe a dozen before I gave up and started sprinkling recklessly. I do love how they look with the dainty, "perfect" holly leaves, but I think a colorful sanding sugar or other type of holiday sprinkle would easily look just as festive and take half the time! You could even color some of your chocolate to add a colorful drizzle!

However you choose to decorate your cookie butter truffles, I know they'll be the hit of the party! They are so rich and delicious but so simple to make and always a crowd pleaser! Merry Christmas!


A Very Vintage Christmas

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If you've been here for any amount of time, you'll know my love of vintage style runs deep. I've been wearing vintage and vintage inspired clothing and accessories for a long time, even sometimes donning vintage inspired makeup looks, but have never been able to perfect a vintage hairstyle! It took a few tries and a little help from some of my favorite YouTubers (see Laci Fay The Vintage Girl Next Door, Rachel Maksy, and The Eyre Effect), but today we made it happen! They're far from perfect yet, but I'm proud of myself for not giving up on it midway through like I used to, and I feel like the hair really completes the vintage vibes of this festive outfit! What do you think?


Plaid Dress (old, here's a similar plaid top and a different festive option!) // Red Midi Skirt (here's another similar option) // Green Heels (old, similar here) // Vintage Brooch // Vintage Coat // Red Lipstick

So this plaid top? It's actually a dress! You may remember it from this festive outfit last year, where I wore it two ways! I think this may be my new favorite way to wear it now! Layering a dress under a skirt is a great way to add a little extra modesty (I feel like this dress is a little too short and therefore don't wear it as often as I'd like), plus a bit of extra warmth!

Speaking of skirts, I've been on a skirt buying kick and this red beauty is going to be such a wonderful year round staple! From Christmas and Valentines to Fourth of July and everyday wear, red is a fantastic color to have in your vintage wardrobe arsenal. Even if you don't love the retro styles, a red skirt will go with so much and this cut is a timeless, classic option for day wear or office wear. If you do want to up the vintage ante even more, you could definitely add a fluffy crinoline to this skirt! Unique Vintage has lots of options for vintage inspired undergarments.

Since we're on the topic of layers, let me introduce you to my favorite "new" coat! This 100% Cashmere and real mink collar peacoat is a 1960s dream! I actually scored it over the summer while on vacation in Houston, Texas and couldn't be more excited to finally take it for a spin! The neutral color is exactly what I wanted and I couldn't believe the deal I got on it: $60! All it needed was one button fixed and a section of the satin lining reinforced which were super quick and easy fixes. A modern cashmere coat, even with faux fur, would go for hundreds of dollars, so to say it was a steal is an understatement! Vintage items like this are a worthwhile investment if you're willing to put in a little effort for repairs (or have a great tailor) that will last you for years to come!


Plaid Dress (old, here's a similar plaid top and a different festive option!) // Red Midi Skirt (here's another similar option) // Green Heels (old, similar here) // Vintage Brooch // Vintage Coat // Red Lipstick

How do you feel about vintage fashion? Do you ever go thrifting for your clothes and accessories? I live for a good deal and would love to hear about your favorite find!

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