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Slow Cooker Chili Soup

Chilly season is chili season! Right?!

We LOVE soup around here (okay, maybe just me and my Crockpot, do) and one of my favorite fall traditions I've carried over from my own childhood is a big, steamy bowl of chili and a gooey grilled cheese right after trick-or-treating on Halloween. Nothing beats coming out of the cold to a warm soup bowl and sitting down to a night of festive movies! It's so easy to have simmering all day long and ready to go when you get home with that heavy bag of treats--just slap a few grilled cheese sandwiches on the griddle while the kids sort through their goodies and you'll be digging into your new favorite cold weather dish in no time!


In the spirit of full disclosure, my husband and I disagree when it comes to this dish. Growing up, this is what we had as our "chili", so that is what I call it. He deems it unworthy of a true chili (something about it lacking enough meat/beans/etc.) and has dubbed it "spicy tomato soup".  I mean, I do omit the beans in my version of this recipe, even though my mom never did, but I never liked a chunky chili--chili is a soup, not a casserole! I do like to add in a bit of cheese when I'm feeling indulgent. Do you think this recipe qualifies as a chili? I titled my recipe "chili soup" as a sort of compromise, but, whatever you call it, I promise you'll be adding it to your regular rotation because it's delicious!

Can You Freeze It?

Since we're only a few weeks out from having baby #3 over here, I decided to go ahead and whip up a batch for my freezer. I simply cooked and crumbled the ground beef and added it to a gallon freezer baggie along with the other ingredients listed, sealed and double bagged it, and tossed it in the freezer. In a month, I'll thaw it (just enough to get it to slide out of the bag) and dump it in my slow cooker for an easy dinner I don't have to think about while trying to juggle THREE KIDS. Still wrapping my head around that one.

Do you have any Halloween traditions? What about other holidays? What meals are a standard for you during the festivities? I would love to hear about them in the comments! And let me know if you think this recipe counts as "real chili" or not! I can't be totally alone!


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