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We Created a Mini-Nursery in Our Master Bedroom!


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When we found out we were pregnant with baby number three while in the thick of a complete home restoration, we knew we didn't want to overhaul an entire room just for a nursery. We already have a girl and a boy, so whichever gender we ended up with would ultimately just share a room with a sibling.

Now we're just weeks away from welcoming our second little boy and while we have lots of fun plans for a shared boys' room in the works, our newest arrival won't be needing a whole lot of space just yet. I didn't want to convert a whole bedroom into a shared room/nursery only to have to convert it back into a big boy room for two in another year, so I decided to take advantage of the little dormer nook in our master bedroom and turn it into a perfectly sized mini-nursery! Not only will it be super convenient to have our little guy right in our room, but it also allows me to maintain an aspect of minimalism--even using some items I already had in my home--which lowers my budget, too!

The key to making a mini nursery or nursery nook happen is finding the perfect crib. I searched high and low for something that wouldn't stray too far from a traditional nursery feel but not take up the same space as a full-size room. We ultimately chose the Kalani 4-in-1 Convertible Mini Crib from DaVinci and are SO happy with it! It has the quality and construction of a standard crib but its smaller scale allows it to fit in almost any space!

If you're worried about leaving room to grow, the convertible 4-in-1 option is perfect for you! Literally 4 beds in 1, it switches from infant crib to toddler bed to daybed to twin bed (with a conversion kit)! The size is really about the same as a standard crib in width, so the only thing you're really sacrificing is a little length. I expect to use this as our only crib until our son is ready to transition to a regular twin size. If you're still uncertain about what size crib will work for you, DaVinci also has a handy Crib Buying Guide that breaks down everything so simply!

I also want to mention how easy this was to put together! My husband had it ready to go in less than an hour and it feels so sturdy and secure! I'm really impressed by the craftsmanship, especially for the price (the shipping time was fantastic, too)!

Obviously, every nursery needs a crib, but what else do you really need? I know a lot of people swear by a glider or rocking chair for those late night feedings. DaVinci has a ton of beautiful glider options, but as I mentioned before, I wanted to create this nursery on a minimalist budget using some items I already had around the house. I actually got the idea to move this wooden rocker from Parker's old room to our master and love how well it matches to wooden crib! The rocker belonged to my grandpa, who passed away in 2013. I love that I am able to have a little family heirloom that is also functional in this precious space.

The last thing I thought to add was a small side table. I found this one in a coordinating color on Amazon for under $40 and plan to repurpose it in another space when our nursery days are over. It's the perfect size for holding a few necessities, a tiny lamp, and a sweet little photo. I know it will be so handy to have those items nearby during exhausting, long nights!

So, What Exactly Do I Need?

Truth be told, a nursery of any size doesn't need all that much. When you're working with a small space or going for minimalism, you need even less! Here's a breakdown of everything I put in our little master bedroom nursery nook with links for you to shop if you're in the market:

Mini Crib: We went with the Kalani 4-in-1 Convertible Mini Crib by DaVinci. It comes in multiple finishes and is just the right size to grow with my baby but still fit in tight spaces like this attic dormer in our master bedroom. We chose the finish "espresso", which is a perfect warm, dark wood tone.

Crib Mattress: DaVinci also offers several mattress options for all of their crib sizes, but we ended up going with this one.

Crib Sheets: When shopping for crib sheets for a mini crib, make sure you're getting the right size! Standard crib sheets will be too large, but "portable crib sheets" or "playard sheets" are the perfect fit! I got this pack of two for less than $10 here--super soft and comes in tons of color combos!

Accent Rug: Totally optional, but a small accent rug might help make your space feel more "finished", especially if you're just using a small corner of your room. Budget Tip: I plan to repurpose this rug on my front porch when we outgrow this space, meaning I can get two uses out of one product! This one was only $25 at Target.

Rocking Chair: This belonged to my grandfather and was handed down to me when he passed. It usually lives in the boys' room, which is where it will likely end up when we outgrow this space. I saved money and made the space a little more special by opting to use a chair we already had, but DaVinci offers a lot of beautiful gliders in various price points and styles if you're looking for a cute addition to your nursery!

Throw Pillow: Another optional item for most, but for me, I needed a little cushion to go with this rocking chair if I was going to be spending late nights in it! I tried to choose a color that accented the nursery but could also be moved to another space in the house later. I will either leave it with this chair when it moves back to the boys' room or find a place to set it out seasonally (the soft green color is perfect for the holidays!). I found this one at Target for only $20. The tassels are so fun!

Side Table: Functional and cute, this little table actually has a removable tray top! It was less than $40 on Amazon and will serve me so well during late night feedings/diaper changes. I set it up with a tiny lamp I already had and spray painted to match (I've linked some similar options below all under $20), a little decorative basket to hold all my "stuff", and a cute frame (also already owned, but linked a few similar below).


So what's your take on the nursery nook idea? Would you rather convert a whole space or does the minimalism of a mini space appeal to you? I'm personally loving how efficient this space is and can't wait to see it put to use in a couple of weeks when we welcome our little fella!


60+ Holiday Decor Finds Under $40


*This post contains affiliate links. When you make a purchase through my link, I make a small commission at no extra cost to you. This is what helps keep Like Honey up and running and I so appreciate your support!*

Anyone else tend to forget all about Walmart when it comes to seasonal and home decor? I mean, I know that they have it, but I just forget to browse through it when I begin to shop for my holiday decor. This year, I made an effort to see just what they had to offer and boy was I impressed!

There were so many great pieces of home decor that work all winter long (or all year long, for some!) and most felt like pretty decent quality for the price range! I don't think I found a single piece above $35 (aside from trees)! I decided to make it easier to shop, I'd break my finds down into a few cohesive themes and create shoppable images for you to click and go! Happy holiday shopping!

This might be my favorite collection! I love the pops of seasonal color but how it's all still pretty neutral and timeless. I'm always a fan of vintage vibes and these pieces all inspire me with their semi-primitive style.

Of course, you can't go wrong with neutrals! These items look great all winter long, so if you're not a fan of tearing down all the decor on December 26th, you can definitely get away with these styles for a few weeks--or months--more.

When in doubt, a classic red & green combo works in every home! I love a traditional color palette, but these pieces lean a bit farmhouse which lends a bit of character to the decor. You could easily stick to strictly plaids and solids to keep the look as timeless as possible, but I find a few whimsical items add a lot more joy.

Lastly, this black & white collection is the perfect mix of modern and farmhouse alike! The gingham trend is still going strong as far as I'm concerned and works great if you have a man in your life that decries any kind of glitzy or "feminine" holiday decor. Some of these items could really hang around all year!

Can you believe that none of these items costs more than $40? Even the trees are less than $100 and great quality! I'm thinking I need a little flocked tree in my bedroom this year. Can't wait to deck ALL the halls! Which collection is your favorite?

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