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Holiday Home Tour 2020

 Merry Christmas, friends!

I know I'm a little late to the holiday party, but I've been pretty busy snuggling a little newborn and we all know babies don't keep. Our home is far from finished (hence why I still haven't gotten around to sharing any real "before and after" room reveals here), but I hope you'll enjoy these small touches of festive decor as much as I do!

I love our giant tree in the living room! The fireplace mantle decor is all the same from last year, but I did switch things up a bit by going with the asymmetrical trend that's been going around. It actually works great by keeping my stockings out of the way of the heat from the electric fireplace. Eventually, we plan to cut into the chimney and create a "real" fireplace with a gas insert and nice mantle, but until then, this little electric one has served us well and makes me feel so cozy in here!

Our dining room won't be finished until we break into one of the walls and insert a staircase (!!), but for now I've decked it out with a few items I already had on hand: a table runner, an old lantern that used to live in my entry way, and a few battery operated candles that used to live on my mantle! I'm so glad I keep a tote full of decor items like this because it saves me a lot of money to decorate using what I have and forces me to be creative! All I added to this was a few decorative pinecones + some ribbon I tied into a bow! Total: under $10.

And finally, we have the kitchen! Possibly, my favorite room in the house (it's a hard tie between the kitchen and living room), and also the most finished! We still need to do a few small things like add crown molding to the cabinets and paint the window trim...but all in all, it's another cozy space I find joy spending time in and I love that I had a chance to decorate it for Christmas!

The wreath was just a cheap Hobby Lobby find, accompanied by the same ribbon you saw above (thankful for Walmart!). I found the nutcracker soap dispenser on post-Christmas clearance at Target last year and saved for the day when I'd finally have a finished kitchen to decorate!

I have so many memories of past holidays thinking things like, "one year, when I can do X"  and we are slowly making most of those dreams a reality. I am so grateful for every space in our home and the ability to welcome others into it. I never want to take for granted these sweet blessings and can't wait to spend another Christmas with my little family here.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


What Do You Get a Baby for Christmas? 30+ Gift Ideas for Newborns, Babies, & Toddlers

Do Newborns Really Need Christmas Presents?

Honestly, if it was just me, I wouldn't buy our newborn a single Christmas gift. Well, maybe just one or two. But when you have a 4 and 5 year old who are in their Santa-believing prime, you kind of have to go through the whole wrapped presents and stocking thing even with the newborn. Santa wouldn't leave out the baby, would he?!

What Do You Get a Newborn for Christmas?

Newborns really only need like 3 things: milk, diapers, and naps. All the prep-work that comes with having a baby pretty much covers everything else. Our little guy will be about 1 month old at Christmas this year, so he's not going to have much of a wishlist. Since we're already fairly equipped to take care of his immediate needs, I'm using this opportunity to give him some items he'll be needing in the near future!

There's no point buying more of what you already have and there's still no need for larger items like tricycles or toddler beds, so don't worry if your baby isn't receiving any "big" gifts this year. Next year will be SO much more fun! Grabbing a few things you know you'll be purchasing within the next few months is a great way to kill two birds with one stone and not add unnecessary spending to your already stretched holiday budget.

More Gift Ideas for Older Babies

Honestly, even if your baby is past the newborn stage, they probably don't need much! Take advantage of the savings you have while they're too young to know the difference and get them some things they'll need later or just scale back on what you probably want to buy--I know I always go over my budget with my kids because I just want them to have everything! Use these early years as a chance to save up and invest in their future, whether that be saving for a bigger yard or just saving for the next size car seat. I promise it will pay off in the end!

Have you ever had a newborn over the holidays? How did you handle the gift-giving? Feel free to comment with any suggestions you have or items you loved!

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