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A Book Lover's Last Minute Gift Guide

I know I'm not the only one who waits until the last possible moment for at least one recipient on my holiday gift list. However proactive I try to be, I always seem to miss one person or another in the end and find myself scrambling for a quick idea. Since I know there are plenty of gift guides available sorted by gender, age, and relationship, I thought I'd take a minute to throw together a gift guide of my own based on my personal favorite pasttime: reading.

Here's a quick breakdown of the perfect gifts for any bookworm in your life:

Canvas Book Print Tote Bag // This tote is one of my personal favorite purchases I've made this year! It's the perfect size for carrying all of our thrift store book finds, library loans, and even snacks and entertainment on a recent road trip. It's fairly sturdy compared to other canvas totes I've had in the past and has an inside pocket for smaller items. This brand has many other unique prints to choose from, as well.

"The Book Was Better" Tee // I think most avid readers will agree--the book is always better. I put this saying on a sweatshirt recently with my mom's Cricut and I wear it super often! If you don't have the time or means to DIY your own design, this tee is a great option and comes in mens, womens, and youth sizes alike.

Book Locket // The perfect accessory for any bookworm in your life! Include a sweet note or quote from a favorite novel inside to make it personal.

Book Light // If you didn't sneak a few more chapters under the covers with a booklight or flashlight as a kid, did you even love books? Maybe adults don't have to sneak to stay up and read the last few pages, but a booklight is still great to have on hand for reading next to a sleeping spouse or in the car on a late night road trip. I'm getting Lucy her first booklight this year and I know she'll be using it every night so this rechargeable option is a must!

Quill Pen // What could be fancier than sending out correspondence with an inky plume? If nothing else, this is a beautiful item to have on display deskside and comes with 6 different nibs and a bottle of ink for those who want to learn a little calligraphy.

Collectible Edition Classic Novels // Barnes & Noble has a beautiful selection of collectible editions of all the literary greats, all at extremely reasonable prices. Some of them are not hardcover (they're considered a "flexibound", kind of a cross between hardcover and paperback), but the quality is still great for the cost and they look stunning on the shelf.

Magnetic Poetry Kit // Make your next trip to the refrigerator a little more interesting by creating your own poetry right there on the stainless steel! This is a fun gift for adults and kids, alike.

Pressed Flower Bookmarks // Another of my favorite purchases this year! Lucy and I both have one of these beautiful bookmarks and I was so impressed (no pun intended) with the quality that I purchased us each another one for Christmas, as well as one for my mom. They design each bookmark after a literary character, including Harry Potter, Little Women, Twilight, and more, but they also just launched several customization options so you can really make it your own. Highly, highly recommend!

Lounging Pillow // What better place to relax with a new novel than on a comfy bed rest pillow? This one looks extra cozy made with Sherpa material.

Bookstore Puzzle // Anyone else get super into puzzles during the pandemic? This bookstore photo is so serene and perfect for any bookworm.

"Bookmarks are for Quitters" Mug // Okay, I live for great bookmarks, but this mug was too cute not to share. I'm sure a steaming serving of tea or coffee would be perfect in this enamelware mug.

Wax Sealing Kit // Finish off your Christmas cards with a beautiful wax seal! My love for historic novels makes me pine for a day when we will embrace snail mail again and I know I can't be the only one. Start up a pen pal club or just display this on your desk and dream of your literary gentleman writing back from the front.

Book Handbag // This handbag is made to look like a popular novel and I love the mix of quirkiness and practicality! Choose from favorites like Sherlock Holmes, The Great Gatsby, Anne of Green Gables, & more.

Lord of the Rings Inspired Cookbook // Because reading goes best with a good snack--this Lord of the Rings inspired cookbook features recipes from the world of Tolkien. Be still, my nerdy heart.

Library Card Socks // These fun printed socks make a great stocking stuffer or small gift for an avid reader. They come in multiple colors and sizes!

Literary Candle // These candles are some of my all-time favorites! I have the Mark Twain fragrance (vanilla + tobacco--equally sweet and musky and SO cozy) but there are several options inspired by other famous authors so you can pick the right scent for your budding writer.

Book Quote Art Print // This is one of my favorite quotes regarding the love of books! Put it in a pretty antique frame before wrapping to really wow your recipient. (I found several other quotes here, you can browse to find the perfect one!)

Leatherbound Journal // Keep track of that TBR list or just use this for your next grocery trip--but feel fancy while you do it. A quality journal is always a good gift, for guys and girls!

Cozy Knit Throw Blanket // Only $20 and comes in several colors, this is the perfect accessory to cozying up with a good book all winter long.

Pride & Prejudice Scarf // My sister-in-law has a scarf similar to this and I've always loved it! Maybe it's time I grabbed one for myself...

What do you think? Did I miss any great literary gifts? If you're a reader, what would you like to receive this year??


A Cozy Autumn Wishlist

For some of us, August signals the end of summer. If you're like me, August is more like the beginning of autumn. Something in the air just changes and I can feel the arrival of golden leaves and crisp air on the horizon. Since we're still in construction mode on the house these days (you can follow along on my Instagram page), the urge to nest and decorate is still strong. I'm trying hard to find contentment this year and not focus so much on the things I want, but I still had to have a little fun window shopping for some pretty autumnal items that are slowly starting to show up on store shelves.

In an effort to achieve that contentment, I opted to call this collection an autumn "wishlist" instead of fall "must haves" or whatever other influencer-sounding phrase might breed that insatiable need for "more". I even included a few items here that I already own because I love them but also because it's a great reminder that sometimes we only need to dig around our own closets to feel like we have a whole new look.

To shop my Cozy Autumn Wishlist, click on any item in the image below or scroll down for a brief review:

5 Qt. Enamel Dutch Oven | I've slowly been replacing all of my cookware with more non-toxic items like cast iron and ceramic coated skillets. One piece that hasn't been replaced yet is my large pot and I really want to swap it with a pretty dutch oven like this one! Of course there are fancier options out there, but this one is only $50 and seems like the perfect beginner piece for someone who is just starting out and may want to upgrade in the future.

2-pk Green Throw Pillow Covers | I own this set and can't say enough great things about it! They live in my bedroom but someday when I get a new sofa I just might have to order another pair for downstairs. This color is the prettiest rich olive green but there are other hues available in lots of different sizes to suit your needs.

Copper Tea Kettle | How pretty would this copper kettle be on a kitchen stovetop? I love pieces that are both beautiful and practical. Pops of copper on display is just timeless in my opinion.

Tartan Table Runner | Available in two sizes, this autumnal table runner could easily take you through the holiday season as well! I have another from this brand and find it to be great quality for the price! I'm so tempted to snag this one, but I'm not sure if I like it with my patterned dining room curtains.

Stoneware Pie Plate | A pie plate is a piece of classic bakeware you can easily upgrade without breaking your budget. Fall is the perfect time to practice your pie making skills!

Faux Leather Oval Mirror | If you have a mirror in need of an upgrade or just a little empty wall space, this faux leather wrapped oval mirror is the perfect statement piece to give a little texture to your room!

Wooden Rectangle Tray | This wooden tray makes the perfect centerpiece foundation or serving piece! It comes in a few different sizes but I think this long rectangular shape would be so pretty filled with candles and pumpkins and greenery on a dining table!

Stoneware Coffee Mug | Another item I own and love: this simple stoneware mug. For only $5, it's a perfect cozy addition to your morning routine.

Floral Hanging Wall Art | I'm a huge fan of the wooden hanging frames with art prints and this set is no exception. This would really look great all year, but I love the brown and wood tones for fall.

Fall Harvest Loaf Pan | I see these beautiful seasonal pans every year from Nordicware and every year I wish I had one but never buy one. I just might have to change that this year!

Taupe Wide Brim Hat | I own this hat in two different colors and have been so happy with it! I wear it through both summer and fall--they're perfect for lazy hair days! Parker loves to step on them and smash them (we're working on that...) but they always pop right back into their original shape!

Antique Bronze Frame | The 4x6 size of this frame sits in my kitchen next to my coffee maker and I'm seriously considering picking up the 8x10 for over my stove. It looks so much more expensive than it is and looks great with oil painting prints! Swap out the artwork with each season to keep it fresh.

Floral Embossed Pitcher | I need another pitcher like I need a hole in the head, but this charcoal beauty might make me change my mind. I love adding faux stems to pitchers to create small vignettes in every room!

Wood Accordion Hook Rack | Accordion hook racks are such a timeless staple and I love to see them trending again! Hang this in your entry way or mud room to catch jackets and totes during the cooler seasons and hang wicker baskets and straw hats as decor during the warmer months to make this piece stand out.

| This is the most expensive item in my wishlist but boy is it worth it! I love the timeless Shaker-style and simple lines of this accent piece. It would make the perfect addition to a mud room or entry way--in fact, I need to measure and see if it would fit in my entry hall....

Colorblock Striped Throw | This cozy knit throw gives me Pendleton vibes but on a much smaller budget! It comes in a few colors but this olive green hue is my favorite, of course. Throw it over your bed, sofa, or porch swing for comfy autumn decor that's also practical!

Ceramic Mini Lamp | If you have an entry table that needs a little something extra, why not this small ceramic lamp? I almost couldn't decide which color to include in this collage; it comes in white, terracotta, and olive green and I want them all! At only $10, I might just have to make space for a few!

Wood and Copper Pear | This little accent piece makes a great addition to a decorated bookshelf, hutch, or fireplace mantel for the fall and winter season. I love the added touch of copper, too.

Stoneware Vases | No surprise, a little more stoneware to warm up your shelves for autumn. These vases come in various sizes and look great solo or clustered together.

Linen Pot Holders | These simple pot holders would look great on the Thanksgiving table or in the kitchen year-round. 

Vintage Stenciled Doormat | I shared this recently on my Instagram stories and am still loving it in front of my side door! The pattern has such sweet vintage charm which is perfect in front of my old doors!

Side Cutout Ankle Booties | I snagged these on clearance at my local Target recently but they are clearanced and almost fully stocked online as well! I needed a new pair of every day ankle boots for fall so these were an easy choice. I would say they run a half size too small so size up unless you have narrow feet.

Cream Cardigan with Wood Buttons | I bought this sweater back in June when it was full price and would absolutely do it again--but you don't have to! It's currently on clearance but still fairly well stocked if you're in the market for a cozy but not too heavy sweater with the prettiest wooden buttons!

Orange Resin Pumpkin & Green Resin Pumpkin | These two pumpkins would make the perfect seasonal decor in any room of the house. Personally, I'm picturing them on my fireplace hearth with a cozy throw blanket and hot mug of cocoa ready to watch some favorite Halloween movies.

What do you think of this list? Anything calling your name? I'm hoping to snag a couple fall decor items if the timing is right but mostly I'm excited for Christmas decor shopping! I can't wait to get the kids their own trees this year and decorate our front porch! I know it's early, but I just can't wait! Goodbye, summer!


Layered Door Mats Under $40

With our front porch project fully underway, I just couldn't help myself from doing a little shopping for the new space! I'm beyond excited to start browsing porch swings and rocking chairs, but for now I have to focus on stain colors and railing balusters. At least I can add a personal touch with a fun new rug in the meantime--or rugs!

If you remember our old house, I had a buffalo plaid accent rug layered under my doormat and I just loved it! Unfortunately, the sun faded it to ruins (stay tuned for my tips for making this trend last at the bottom of the post!), so it's time to replace them! This time I went neutral and I couldn't be happier with the delicate combo pictured above. Just for fun, I thought I'd round up a whole bunch of combinations I love for you to mix and match for your own entrance! Shop them all below (affiliate links):

From top left to right:

(both pictured in my first photo)


Of course, door mats are getting a lot of traffic, but it's also important to take the weather into account as well! Even if your porch is covered, you'll want to keep an eye on your rugs during rain or snow and make sure they don't get too saturated. If they do get soaked, just make sure they get plenty of air to dry properly so they don't gather mold or mildew.

The sun is another enemy to pretty porch decor--to preserve the color of your rug, spray it with a clear coat of UV protectant spray like this one. You could also opt for a door mat with no writing or pattern on top to try and get around any fading.

When it comes to choosing your accent rug, you'll want something specifically made for the outdoors, especially if your porch is exposed to the elements. Since I have a covered porch now, I opted for a washable indoor rug and will report back how that works! I noticed many of the accent and area rugs at Target are being marketed as machine washable these days, so no need to splurge on any fancy washable brands out there! I've had great success washing our indoor rugs from Target so I have no doubt this one will hold up just as well.

Hopefully these tips help preserve the life of your beautiful front porch decor!

Do you like the layered rug trend? Which combo above is your favorite? Or did you mix them up? I'd love to hear how you'd decorate your space in the comment section below! Happy shopping!

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