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Layered Door Mats Under $40

With our front porch project fully underway, I just couldn't help myself from doing a little shopping for the new space! I'm beyond excited to start browsing porch swings and rocking chairs, but for now I have to focus on stain colors and railing balusters. At least I can add a personal touch with a fun new rug in the meantime--or rugs!

If you remember our old house, I had a buffalo plaid accent rug layered under my doormat and I just loved it! Unfortunately, the sun faded it to ruins (stay tuned for my tips for making this trend last at the bottom of the post!), so it's time to replace them! This time I went neutral and I couldn't be happier with the delicate combo pictured above. Just for fun, I thought I'd round up a whole bunch of combinations I love for you to mix and match for your own entrance! Shop them all below (affiliate links):

From top left to right:

(both pictured in my first photo)


Of course, door mats are getting a lot of traffic, but it's also important to take the weather into account as well! Even if your porch is covered, you'll want to keep an eye on your rugs during rain or snow and make sure they don't get too saturated. If they do get soaked, just make sure they get plenty of air to dry properly so they don't gather mold or mildew.

The sun is another enemy to pretty porch decor--to preserve the color of your rug, spray it with a clear coat of UV protectant spray like this one. You could also opt for a door mat with no writing or pattern on top to try and get around any fading.

When it comes to choosing your accent rug, you'll want something specifically made for the outdoors, especially if your porch is exposed to the elements. Since I have a covered porch now, I opted for a washable indoor rug and will report back how that works! I noticed many of the accent and area rugs at Target are being marketed as machine washable these days, so no need to splurge on any fancy washable brands out there! I've had great success washing our indoor rugs from Target so I have no doubt this one will hold up just as well.

Hopefully these tips help preserve the life of your beautiful front porch decor!

Do you like the layered rug trend? Which combo above is your favorite? Or did you mix them up? I'd love to hear how you'd decorate your space in the comment section below! Happy shopping!

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