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Lucy's Bookish Birthday Party

 The apple clearly doesn't fall far from the tree in our family. My daughter, Lucy, is a huge bookworm and loves to read anything she can get her hands on. I love that so much about her! I had the idea to throw her a book themed birthday party this year and she was thrilled! Here is a peek at what we did:


Leave it to me to make the most obnoxious DIY, but honestly, stamping these all out was very relaxing! I got an alphabet stamp kit from Amazon and a pack of blank library cards and set to work one evening. They turned out so cute!

 Pro tip: if you're stamping the same word on multiple cards, it's easiest to go one letter at a time across all the cards--it saved me a lot of time and struggle to find the little letters over and over this way!


It's pretty easy to decorate for a book themed party when your house is basically a personal library! I just set out a few of my antique books and hit Goodwill for a couple more that I could tear apart to make these cute book page roses.

The book page flowers turned out so cute! It was a little time consuming, but worth it in the end. I'll be repurposing these into decor in my library and on Lucy's bookshelf in her bedroom. Here's a link to the how-to post I followed to create them.

We also added a little banner to the favors table. I stamped out a few favorite literary quotes by famous authors and strung them on a bit of twine. Super simple and cute!


How can you have a book themed birthday party without a book cake? All we did was stack two rectangular cakes on top of one another and carve a little "v" in the middle to make the ends sort of slope in like the pages of an open book. I added a little fruit leather "ribbon", too.

For snacks, I thought we'd do a play on words with things like gummy "bookworms" and "smart" cookies. For a savory option, I used a permanent marker to make cheese stick wrappers look like pencils. Pretty simple and easy to grab and go!


Every reader needs a good bookmark in their arsenal, so I thought the kids could make their own! Amazon had a pack of blank bookmarks and tassels and I just added a few crafty things I thought the girls would enjoy and let their imaginations do the rest!


I don't always do party favors, but when I saw these tiny composition notebooks at Walmart (3/$1!), I just knew they'd be the perfect thing for our bookish birthday party! I grabbed a box of alphabet cookies and a pack of cute pencils from Michael's (48 ct for $5!) and we were all set.

I think Lucy's little literary party was a success! I think it would be super cute to host a bookish party like this at the library, too! Maybe we'll consider that another year. What about you, would you host a book themed party?

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